Sunday, January 11, 2015

Happiness is...

Small small things makes you happy only if u learn to appreciate the value of it.They are these small small things that make me happy.

For me Happiness is:

...Reading books without kiddo disturbing and asking thousand things.

....Eating hot soups/Maggi prepared by hubby dear on a lazy,cold day.

....Catching up a favorite movie on TV by chance.

....Back to back all favorites songs being played,like you change channel and u hear your next favorite being played.

....Getting up,realizing and feeling good that i have time to just sit idle and laze around.

.....Reading newspaper leisurely.

.....Chitchatting with hubby and topics flowing till late night without having to worry about getting up early on  weekend.

....Cooking something and it turning out exactly like you imagining it..Pure Bliss..

.....An old friend calling up just at the same time u thinking about them....

Whats yours????????
Waiting to hear from you all...



  1. Happiness for me is the following:
    ... Curling up with a good book & nobody to disturb me
    ... That time of the day when you are all alone and the silence around you feels golden
    ... The noise or chatter that only friends can make
    ... Curling up inside the comforter in a cold foggy day
    ... Listening to Yanni and Kenny G playlists
    ... Njoying a hot cup of coffee on a cold day
    ... Hearing the rains fall with thunderstorms and wind roaring around you
    ... Seeing a amazing scenic spot after a mile high trek

    The list is endless... but yes all these are small things, but they matter a lot and I guess that is the point....

  2. Getting to read my book uninterrupted tops the list any day!
    Good one Kavi.....



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