Thursday, January 22, 2015

A phase

Thousands of thoughts rush through your mind.Lots of topics invite you to write about.But when you actually sit down to write, mind goes blank...Sounds familiar?

These days this happens to me a lot. When i am busy with chores lots of thoughts and feelings rush through my mind but the moment i try to hold them and pen down they vanish.. When i had started the blog with lots of hopes and excitement ,i thought it would come naturally to me, now when i look back i feel it becomes difficult maintaining the momentum.

How much ever i think i would snap back to my own self i find it more and more challenging. I go through a lot of blogs and i really am amazed how bloggers write almost everyday and with the same zeal without losing their momentum?

I also would like to believe this is just a phase and very soon i too would be able to pen my thoughts with much better frequency. Its just a matter of time. I have observed people going through such blocks and bouncing back stronger with better contents.

I would also do soon..I believe and am waiting for that..

1 comment:

  1. Me too, this is all too common and all pervasive syndrome for most people. Guess we are one in a crowd than a standout...



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