Thursday, December 11, 2014

This years Viva

That time of the year wherein kids enjoy the most. Their annual day time. Nowadays it’s called "VIVA" for their school.As last year; this year also it was a grand event and a very wonderfully organized one. The efforts and the practice to put up such a nice show had to be seen to believe.

The amount of exposure kids get through this is huge. This year we noticed even the Playgroup kids didn't require the teacher to dance down the stage. They remembered their steps well and the execution was superb. Hats off the Gen Y kids who learns things so fast and the best part was no stage fear. I couldn’t see a single kiddo crying on the stage. :)

The Sr Kg kids performed to a skit.Oh and by the way the theme for this year was Good vs Evil and the skits revolved around this.Kids did a great job with the microphone mics, not getting distracted and performing their dialogues to the T.

At one point, some performers came with a single mike on stage and were sharing as and when the other had to say, without having to remind them to Do that. Sharing is caring is what I learnt that day.

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  1. This generation is definitely better and smarter than the previous generation. O agree with that completely.
    Kids these days know their mind and are not afraid of the single minded pursuit needed to achieve success.



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