Monday, December 01, 2014

Kids and Outdoor activities

Kids today are spoilt for choices. Outdoor activities have become a rare thing these days; all they know is curling up the sofa with a cell phone in hand or a video game on the TV. That’s "play time for them". I myself, despise the fact that there is no playing space for the kids.

Gone are the days when parents encouraged kids to go out and play games.TV was a luxury then. With only Doordarshan and DD 2 being the available two channels the choices and the time frame spent in front of TV was limited. Now we have channels more than we can watch. We used to have cartoons only on weekends, nowadays its being aired always. The same old thing repeated till boredom sets in..

Yes, and lack of space for playing, thanks to lots of constructions happening makes it even more difficult. Add to that working parent who put their kids in daycare makes it more difficult to make friends and explore the fun of playing.

But all said and done, I still feel kids should go out and play and learn the fun of falling down and growing. Like we did.

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  1. Too true, the price of progress has always been paid by the next generation....

    I think parents need to be strict today w.r.t to "play time" for kids. The advent of electronics into the household is not a good sign. It is the sign of times when the phones and the devices around us are smart and the people are getting dumb.


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