Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kishore Da..the magical voice

The day started as usual with the alarm clock buzzing and reminding me to come from the world of dreams to earth. Groggy, half asleep i got up and don't know why started humming a Kishore da melody. His songs were the first thing that came in my mind that day (normally, the only things that comes to my mind is what to cook and how to convince Little R to get ready without throwing a Tantrum.

Much Later i realized about the death anniversary of the most versatile actor the country has ever seen: The magical Kishore Kumar. He was an enigma, the most charismatic personality i have ever seen, and the other is Farhan Akhtar..God what talents some people are gifted with. I really feel they are the most blessed people who can multitask and with so much perfection and grace. How else can you describe a single person, who can sing, dance, play instruments, act all with equal conviction at the same time..

He was the voice for so many actors. He was a man of many moods.His songs can make you laugh, cry, smile. He can make you feel alive with his voice. To pick up one song from his collection is like selecting the best memories of life (there always will be another one which would be better) Leave one cannot even commemorate 10 best songs, for me all the songs are gems which makes him the voice he is..

Kishore da... You are and will always be missed..The void you created is impossible to be filled. Thank you for making us smile, laugh hum and live life. Your voice makes it all more worthy..

Chalte chalte mere yeh geet yaad rakhna...Kabhi Alvida na kehena Kabhi Alvida na kehena...Rote Haste bas yuhi tum Gungunate rehena ....

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  1. Kishoreda was a legend!!! I agree with you on Farhan Akhtar as well, the amount of effort that the guy puts into each film is sheer inspiration. I mean the guy sings, dances, acts, directs, produces and does so much more, one of the talents to watch out for in Indian Cinema he is...

    Coming back to Kishore da, he was who we listened to while growing up alongside Rafi Sahab. To this day his songs and voice sets the bar in Indian film singing.



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