Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A quickie

Lots have been happening since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India. At least, lots of promises are made. I really hope he makes India the country we all wish for, strong, secure and safe. The latest one being the Swacha Bharat Abhiyaan.

Cleanliness of the country or the place we live in is a basic civic, but don't know why we need to be always reminded about it. This is what we have been taught in schools too but as we grow somewhere the basic duties also we forget. Thank You Modiji for reminding and creating awareness. I really hope that as time passes memory of people doesn't fade like it happens always and we all stand by the steps taken and follow.

I am not much good in understanding the politics games and the rules of the same. This is something that made me wonder so thought of writing about it.New movies released, festive season in full swing, lots of online shopping offers. Nowadays, the TV is bombarding with the same ads with different celebs, marketing at its best..

Can’t think of anything more so signing off for now...

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  1. It's not just Modi who will change India, it is all of us put together. 1 man can't change the nation, but he can inspire people to change, so if you want a neat, clean and beautiful India, then it is your job along with those around you to make it neat, clean and beautiful.

    It does not stop at cleaning your house or building or streets, it should grow with planting more trees, being good responsible citizens and much, much more. Nation building is a tireless and thankless job, maybe that's why its easy for us to make a few empty statements and then forget about it.



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