Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Books Bucket Challenges..

Ok it’s raining challenges in Face book. Thanks to the Ice Bucket one. People are looking for creating new ways of challenges. Frankly, they don't interest me much, but yes, when the word "Book" got associated I was all game for it.

When the challenge said to ten books, made it more challenging. I am sure all the avid readers would agree to this that selecting ten from the whole world is a challenge. :)

So here goes my all time favorite Ten books..

1: असा मी असा मी - पु. ल. देशपांडे: Words fall short to describe the genius of this great author,who writes about simple things in a exotic way.

2. पार्टनर - व. पु. काळे: A very touching story.

3: Not without My Daughter: Betty Mahmoody and William Hoffer:Hats off to the courage and determination of this lady towards her daughter..Mothers can fight the world for their kids..A classic example

4: The Greatness Guide: Robin Sharma.: A good self help book.

5: Shiva Trilogy: Amish Tripathi: For the first time Mythology gripped me..Hats off to the imagination and the research work.

6: Palace of Illusions:Chitra Banerjee. Very unusual but valid points of view.To see Mahabharata from Draupadi's Point of view. A interesting read.

7: The Outcast's Queen: Kavita Kane. The whole world knows about Karana.A refreshing thought to hear what his better half felt about the life he led..Great imagination

8: All Rujuta Divekar Books.: She's a bible for anyone who wants to lose weight the healthy way.Simple, logical and easy to implement.
9: Blood Red Sari: Ashok Banker.: I love all his books. For his research and the way he presents them.

10: All Sophie Kinsella books..: Absolute mood changer. All her books are worth a mention.

Signing off for now...Take care


  1. That's more than 10. You can't go around putting in Trilogies and all books of this and that author, that makes the list bigger. You are supposed to put in 1 book out of all the books that the author has written.

    I demand an update... :)

  2. You are a Maharashtrian? I am too!! ( a Nagpurian)

    asa a comedy right? and it was also adapted into a very famous play...

    great list of books!

  3. Thanks im a half Maharashtrian,..:) meaning South Indian born n brought up in reading Marathi Books...P L and V P both are legends...pan halli kahi navin vachlela nahi...any recommendations??? i also love Mangala Godbole's writing


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