Friday, September 05, 2014

A for Attitude

An attitude can make or break a person. Everyone, like they have their own opinions also carry a different attitude.

Everyone has both attitudes according to me; no one has only positive and only negative attitudes.Both the colors complete a person. But as clichéd as it sounds the fact is a positive attitude really helps us sail through difficult times.Of course maintaining that when chips are down is a helluva task.

When it comes to things not going our way we always find reasons to blame. We keep forgetting to count on our blessings. Negative attitude can destroy us. Just writing that shudders me to the effect it has on the life of anyone who loses hope and gives up.

So friends, try maintaining a positive attitude and please never ever give just means u don't believe in yourself and no, that’s not a good thing..

Being happy, being positive maybe difficult but then what’s life without some challenges???? :)

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