Sunday, August 03, 2014

F for the Friendship

The most celebrated day after Valentine’s Day has to be Friendship Day. A day when we thank and remember all our friends and celebrate their presence in our life.

I love the celebrations that happen in college during our college days where all we needed are a marker pen and some threads for the "special friends" to whom we tie the thread. Rest all markers zindabad. Nowadays, lot of days is celebrated.

Coming back to Friendship Day, wonderful memories surround me when I reminisce this day today. Where no markers fill my hand till shoulder. Where wishes are virtual. Thanks to technology that we wish our friends in spite of not being around.

Funny, that there are lot of friends who resurface only on occasional days like this. Maybe a topic worth discussing is whether they can be categorized as "friends". The Virtual friendships have been given too much importance..So much that meeting friends and spending time with them have become unimportant. We feel virtual contact is enough to know a person. Nowadays friends are being made looking at their profile, likes and dislikes..We conveniently forget the need to feel "connected" to them.

Missing the wonderful meet at Phadke Road on friendship day, chatting, planning lunches and dinners with friends. And yes, mostly importantly missing the meeting with friends almost daily at our "Adda". We had so much to talk about everyday and funnily when we chat it doesn't go beyond basic wishes..But the moment we talk, we have so many things to say and ask. Chatting has still not replaced talking, thankfully.

There's so much fun meeting and talking with friends face to face that the happiness, the touch, the hug is irreplaceable.

All said and done wish all my wonderful friends a very "Happy Friendship Day" virtually ;) Also, want to say that u all are very special and very valuable. Thanks for being there always. Love u all...


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