Friday, August 01, 2014

Paranoid????? no

It happened a few days back when kiddo has given some external exams and i got to know the results saying he got selected for the next level. Of course was on cloud nine jumping with happiness that suddenly i got to know from other parents that their kids have also secured a rank!!!!

Suddenly I started freaking out thinking why my kid hasn't scored a rank? Now the jolly news suddenly started prickling me to think where my son lacked? So instead of being happy to see what he has achieved i had started sulking.

Of-course was very happy for the kiddos who scored ranks and always pray that they do very well in their future endeavors too. But for me the happiness had reduced by a fold. Later when i gave it a proper thought realized i am doing what i had promised I won’t do..Compare with other kids and not appreciating what he has achieved now, I am belittling his achievements by being greedy and quest for more.

This, when he himself didn't know what he has achieved. He has done something that at his age had never achieved. I honestly i asked myself, is sulking worth it?? Isn't his participation more
important than his achievement? Not scoring a rank doesn't degrade his achievement..(I myself have never scored a rank. My parents never cribbed about it..:) )

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  1. Chalo der aaye durust aaye!!! Frankly speaking who cares about ranks in the greater scheme of things?? Enjoy everyday as it brings something new and learn from your mistakes today to avoid repeating them tomorrow.

    Kids should have the freedom to choose and to do what they want, coz if that is not given to them, then may grow up being difficult all their lives....



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