Tuesday, July 01, 2014

Ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte..Really????

The most beautiful movie in my teens was "Maine Pyar Kiya" I must have watched the movie at least thousand times and still when its running in any channel I watch it religiously..The most favorite dialogue in the movie where in the villain says "ek ladka aur ladki kabhi dost nahi ho sakte"

Clich├ęd as it may sound. But almost all the movie say the same thing always..Girl and guy are friends and somehow end up falling in love I still wonder is it true that guys and girls cannot be friends?

Is it true that love has to interfere in friendship???? Is it not possible for them to be friends for life without the "love" thing? Can there be no only friendship?? Or maybe a platonic friendship with respect and love but not in a romantic way???

If u ask me I think it is possible to be close as well as maintain a distance and be friends, respect each other’s choices, partners and still share that special friendship..

Times have changed, we have a lot of exposure to the world around us, we see, read and experience new things, we have a choice wherein we can express our thoughts and be heard etc etc. Just want to know whether after so many years the above title also changes or remain the same????

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