Friday, July 18, 2014

Are schools safe??????

The whole world is talking about the incident happened in the school where in a 6 year old girl was raped. Shame, on such sick minded people who don't even spare small kids. It’s a real shame that our lives these days have come to this level that we are not sure of our kid’s security even in schools.

If the schools can't take enough safety measurements for the security of the kids, for what are they charging the exorbitant fees for???? Parents pay money hoping that they too treat our kids with the same love and respect. Schools are said to be the "Second home" and if this is how it’s going to be its very unfortunate and shameful.

Schools are supposed to be a place wherein a kid is molded, educated and trained to be become a better human. But if the "so called" teachers practice such shameful sins, what examples are they setting?? What happened in one school might happen in other schools also? Where are the Kids safe then????

Are we trying to say that now we won’t be able to give kids healthy competitive and safe growing years? Don't they deserve this?????

After hearing these things I am scared about the safety of my kid. I’m worried about the impact of these things on them. I am not able to insert "trust" on the schools and teachers.

It’s time to think and take constructive steps in protecting the "child" in the children.

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  1. I completely agree to what you have mentioned over here dear....i almost lost trust on the school management....shame on the school management

    1. Very true...need to add more safety measures and precautions to avoid more such incidents and the criminals must be punished severely,so that others too take a lesson from this..

  2. It is a mark of our society that we have to make our kids understand at a very young age what abuse is all about.
    In today's world of commercialization and cheap thrills keeping the kids educated is a good way to keep them safe. Paying more money is not the solution as there is no guarantee about anybody's mindset.
    It is really sad that we have to destroy our children's innocence to keep them safe...

    Is this really progress?



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