Wednesday, July 09, 2014

An impromptu with rains..

Sample this:

You drop your kid to classes, go inside the food mart nearby’s make a mental note (recap) of what all u want to buy and start looking for the items. You also do some window shopping reading ingredients of the new products (i do that when i have time..:) ) and suddenly when u come out of the shop to your surprise..It’s raining, rather pouring..

Exactly this is what happened..When i left to drop the kiddo it was sunny rather windy with no traces of clouds and rains. It’s been like this for the past 3 days so very unassumingly I too went out with umbrella.:(

But when it started pouring without any trace of stopping too started walking in the rains. It made me nostalgic, happy to have got drenched in rains..But my other mind was worried about the cell phone. Yes, cell phone, because nowadays cell phones are stylish and not sturdy. I still remember my Nokia 3310 which, in spite of falling from the first floor was working very fine. They don't make that kind of stuff these days...

Back to track, the impromptu with rains, in spite of mobile, money getting wet was very nice and a welcome change..Nowadays we have forgotten the fun of getting drenched as we used to when we were kids..

The impromptu with rains made me come alive and reminded me from where I come..Thank you Rain Gods for that..


  1. Send some of that pouring rain our way too!!! It looks as dry as a drought in MH... But ya I know these days people don't want to get drenched in rain, but they will shell 1000 bucks to go slide down a waterslide in an water park...

  2. In Mumbai you never leave your umbrella at home in monsoons. Never!

    1. Smita,

      I second that..but in Bangalore it rains only when we are not prepared...:P



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