Saturday, June 21, 2014

Dont Lose Out..Work Out My Review

Rujuta nails it again....a wonderful book again she’s written stating the importance of exercise...In the busy schedule, now even I request everyone to make some time for your precious health...Please please workout..

Diet is a very important part, but equally exercising is important..we all know about how exercising is important for our health and how keeping ourselves fit can be done in as good as a 15 minutes schedule daily..Then too we never seem to follow them. We still hope for some miracle that would help us lose weight one day without we having to work towards it..

The book has highlighted on some wonderful issues and patterns of exercise a particular body type requires, which would help us gain maximum results. My suggestion is to go get a copy and read. It’s worth every penny invested.

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  1. Consistency is the key Sis!!! A lot people start exercising but they never continue...



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