Saturday, June 14, 2014

A Saturday

Long time people I posted something .Not that was very busy but yes, life is maddening and keeps you on the toes all the time. Academically, New Year started for the little one so for me too studies started. :(

Weekends these days have become hectic thanks to a construction boom in our area.2 plots are constructing their houses and it means complete disturbance since morning 7 tonight. Talk of some sleep on weekends. :(

Plus, when both the R's are at home its meant to be complete maddening...both father son duo keep shouting with neither wanting to listen what the other is trying to say and I have to finally intervene every 2 minutes to pacify which means either of them is not satisfied with the judgment and blame me for taking sides. Fun but very hectic if you keep doing it always. :)

Sample this:

Phone ringing, bell also saying someone at the door. Someone outs drilling, cooker whistling, little one shouting to keep his point of view.Hubby asking for mundane things trying to write so that I divert myself....this is a scenario played here right now...

I am sure most of the moms/wives would be in the same situation trying to manage work among the chaos around them...

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