Friday, June 27, 2014

A heart touching story

It was rainy season. The rain gods were creating havoc in the city. It was as if the clouds were hurt and crying incessantly because of pain. It was pouring very heavily making it difficult to even come out of the house..

In such a situation,J and M were driving a car and trying to get back home, the rains were lashing throughout making them to move slowly as they were unable to see ahead even for a few meters. They were to reach home very late and in that also rain gods were creating such havoc making sure they wont.Both of them were frustrated but could do nothing much in front of Mother Nature.

They had reached the ghat roads wherein driving down was even more difficult. J was trying his best to drive cautiously and slowly. In that scene the only lights other than the cars headlights were the thunder lights occasionally flashing with a huge scary sound making its presence felt.

Suddenly J pulls the brakes bringing the car to a screeching halt, the intensity of the brakes strong enough to put the headlights off and scaring M to the bone. Wondering why he pulled such a stunt M started fighting with him unaware of what made him stop.

J sees a lady figure coming near. Clothes torn, Blood dripping from her injuries she tries to come towards the car. As she comes near M notices her and starts screaming out of fright,J tries consoling her but to no avail. The lady by this time reaches near the car. J and M start pulling up the windows out of fright. The lady keeps banging the window requesting them to open but to no avail.

Suddenly he notices that she’s folded her hands and was asking them for help. Thinking something he gets off car along with M. She was requesting him to save her son who has struck in the car that was hanging off the mountain’s.M s still not convinced, she still doubts and feel "This is a trap" and try warning J to not help. But J has already made up his mind and starts walking with the lady to the point’s M too follow him helplessly.

As soon as reach they hear a child crying and the car in steep fall.J tries moving towards the car slowly balancing himself. The rains and thunderstorms making things still difficult.As he comes closer the child's cries becomes more and more clear.

He reaches the car, randomly picks a stone break the glass open and takes the child out safely. The child stops crying. While going back he realizes he has forgotten to see who was in the driving seat. So he hands over the child to M he goes back to the car to see who the driver was and help him.

He gets a shock of his life when he sees the body of the dead driver. It was of the same lady who had come to ask him for help. Quietly he moves from there with tears in his eyes.M asks him who the driver was and where was the lady who had asked for help and vanished..
J just says "She was a mother"

I had read this story and had tears in my eyes and numb with shock. Thought of sharing it with you all..

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  1. Touching Story!!! Gave me goosebumps while reading it.


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