Thursday, January 02, 2014

2014 Resolutions

Always with a new year come new expectations and resolutions. Even I make resolutions. Some of which I follow, some gets lost in the middle. But then too, without losing hope I would like to make a list of resolution again this year.;) With a new hope that at least I would fulfill half of them.

Here goes my list:

1 I will update my diary daily. Every single day.( I keep skipping writing on some days and the Habit stops altogether.

2 I would be more regular in updating my blogs.

3 I would recite Vishnu Shastranamam every day.
4 I would read more books and not return until i finish them.(Between us, I confess sometime I half read the book and return back to the library.:P )
5 I would be regular and serious on my weight loss effort and not give up halfway.

6 I would learn to be more patient and less judgmental.

7 I would talk less and listen more, although its more challenging..;)

8 I would learn to be more at peace with myself. and less hyper. Also not let all the small things affect or disturb me..

9 I would try to incorporate more healthy recipes in the daily diet.

10 Most importantly, try to follow the above mentioned with utmost sincerity.;)
Hope by the end of the year when i take a review i would be happy with the least, i achieve some of them..
What’s your list??? Make a journal and start working on them...

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