Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Books..Hard V/s the electronic form..

Reading is a passion for me.It started as a step towards developing a good habit and sounding a little knowledgeable. ;) But with time it started becoming something more than it. Wherever I go, I carry books in my bag.

"Books are real friends, they never leave your side thick and thin, they don’t judge you for your behavior".I completely agree to that. Nowadays with the entry of e books reading have become easier. They can be read anywhere and everywhere. Gone are the days when people use to carry books in their bags while travelling, now it’s just a click away.(I still carry hard copies whenever I travel..:) )

But are E books as good as the hard copies??? I mean the smell of a hard copy still makes me feel alive :). Although in terms of space e books are way easy to handle. But Hard copy can be kept with us forever. We can read it as and when we want books requires compatibility and always needs to be charged to read. Hard copy has no such requirements..

Anyways, reading I guess matters more at the end of the day, whichever form it maybe in? So what’s your pick????????



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  1. Paper books - give a nostalgic feeling, but e-books and e-readers are the wave of the future. I like a paperback or a hard bound copy of my favorite book by my favorite author as much as the next person, but I also like the ease of carrying around 200 books in my pocket weighing no more than a few ounces.

    As of now I am still midway between paper books and e-readers having owned both. As far as format of books on e-readers and converting is concerned, there can never be a better software than calibre e-book manager which allows you to convert your e-books into all the formats available out there and the best part is its free to download and use. So go ahead paper or e-reader, grab a copy of your fav book and start reading...


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