Monday, December 30, 2013

2013..A year that was..

2013 is coming to an end. Making its way for 2014,which everyone wishes and hope to be better and more peaceful than this year.

We always hope that things start with a positive note and life become a little more peaceful and happier. Last year, I too had started with a lot of dreams and expectations from self. Some were fulfilled, some needs attention.

Lifewise,i feel content, at peace with myself with many things to look forward to. Personally had lost my grandfather(hubby’s grandfather),my friends grandfather, who for me was my own grandfather..both of them old, have lived a wholesome life..Would always be missed as they were amazing people.My chachu,whose death came as a shock..I’m going to miss them all always..:(

The year also gave me a chance to be happy as my co-sister gave birth to a cute baby boy.

Socially, the country as a whole I felt sad when Sachin retired from cricket. Along with the nation even i cried as the legend bid adieu to the game...Cricket would never be the same without him. He will thoroughly missed.

Also like millions the legacy of Stalwarts like Pran,Manna dey,Farooque Sheikh,Nelson Mandela..Their works speak for their greatness..They have left a void that nobody can fulfill ever..

Kedarnath devastation had and will have a prolonged effect in the lives of the people who have seen the dance of the nature in a cruel way..Its going to disturb all of us and haunt for years to come..

I hope that 2014 brings in more peace and happiness to one and all..:)
As i write this article i also pray for the recovery of Michael Schumacher who’s battling for his life...hope he comes back hale and hearty

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  1. Cycle of change always has its ups and down sis. Things go up and then come down or vice-versa. If we would always be happy, we would soon feel bored by happiness, so sad is GOD's way of making things even for us.



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