Monday, November 25, 2013

Y are Moms so Emotional??????

The other day was Rudra’s annual day (which they call as "VIVA). Was a very mesmerizing event to sum it up in one word? I was amazed and proud with the exposure the new generation kids are getting. No stage fear, no nervous expressions.

Coming back to the topic I was wondering Y do I get so emotional when Rudra's on the stage or have achieved something????? I thought it was a problem with me but yesterday I saw a lot of moms wiping their eyes when their kids did well on the stage, danced well or just waved to them. :)

Not that Rudra was on stage for a very first time. He’s danced even when he was in playgroup (the only time on stage he cried when he failed to find me in the sea of people gathered there) and Nursery, by when his stage fear was reduced by a large extent. Even then my eyes used to well up. I used to be emotional when he was on the stage performing. Now I feel it’s more to do with the mother’s instinct, a feeling of pride and happiness that makes her more sentimental. Or maybe the fact that the tiny tot which she held in her hand seems like yesterday who's now on his own performing, growing bigger and independent.

What do you think???

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  1. Well Moms are traditionally senti Kavi, they don't need an excuse to turn on the tears... :P

    On the other hand seeing your kids take those steps towards being an individual on their own is bound to produce some tears, some bitter, some sweet....


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