Saturday, November 16, 2013

Participating spirit

School had Sports day conducted on a scale much higher than I was anticipating. Was a fun day and hats off to the teachers and the support staff for pulling off such a remarkable event .Seriously, its no joke making the little kids run the races. Making them understand things is no mean feat.;)

But what surprised me more was the fact that, What had happened to the spirit of participating??? Was sad to see kids crying after not winning and asking for a replay. Sad to see that they are not able to take losing in a positive way and that made me think are we missing out in inculcating something called sportsmanship in them?? Kids these days get depressed on small things and find it difficult to overcome them.

Anyways the most enduring part of the sports day was I saw kids who were more interested in finishing the race rather than the results..:) God bless them and they are like that always.

Rudra came first in the race he participated in and I was on the moon. Never even have I won a race leave alone win a medal and certificate.Proud of him.

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  1. Congrats proud mother :)

    As far as competitive spirit is concerned....another Mom was telling me that in the skating race that her daughter took part were pushing off others with their elbow and they were told to do so by their coach.!! I was speechless!!


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