Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Losing my own self

For the past few days have been pondering over the fact that where have I lost myself???? The person I was a year back is not the same anymore. For starters I have stopped making any effort to lose weight and am back to my old habits. It surprises me no end that I was following a routine and discipline a year back and today the same thing I find difficult to do.

I know and understand that it’s a mind over heart game. But somewhere I’m lacking something that would make me more determined and focused on the set goals. Somewhere I have lost track and i am still not making efforts to come back.

The reason I am writing this as a post has more to do with me than others. Maybe some comments or some thoughts or some scribbling my friends or peers write would may be help me regain my track...


  1. Happens with most of us.......it is the day we realise that we need to buck up we really get up and do something :)

  2. Its easier to get back into old comforting habits than make a continuous change in your life. Been there, done that and have not got the t-shirt too....


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