Saturday, November 16, 2013

An Enigma called Sachin

Life has come to a standstill. All work has come to a hold. Nothing is a priority other than the match at Wankhede. The last match for the man who has given us enough reasons to smile and be happy. Sachin Tendulkar.

For the past one week the media, newspapers, hoarding all speak volumes about the farewell the master is getting. And truly a deserving one. Playing a sport for 24 years with the same intensity and passion is no joke. Without letting success affect you, playing with the same love and affection is one quality that is very rarely found.

Cricket would never be the same for me and people who actually worship SRT. The charm of the game is with the man playing. When he’s playing we all hope we would win the match. Millions still switch off the TV once he’s out, even I do. That’s the kind of game he plays and the trust we place on him. It’s a very emotional moment for many of us to accept that he won’t be playing anymore. But yes in hearts if hearts even I feel he should retire gracefully with pride and honor

He deserves all the attention and hype around him.He is unaffected and unfazed by the hype surrounding him and that i feel is his best quality other than being able to play with the same intensity as a newcomer. Always known to be a good sportsperson and able to bring a smile on peoples face he’s truly a Master. Being one of the lucky one to see him personally once, the warmth and the grace with which he stopped and spoke a few words is etched in my heart forever..

Salute to you for the wonderful memories and thanks for the wonderful inspiration that you have been. Millions would come and go but they won't be another Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar.

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