Monday, September 23, 2013

A fun day

Last weekend was the most amazing weekend I had. For starters it was a belt test for kids learning Taekwondo, it’s a martial art which combines combat and self defense techniques with sports and exercise.(the main reason that my son was also to be a part of the belt test..::)) More than him I was nervous on how and what he was going to do there.

When we reached the place at the scheduled time, there were sea of parents and kids already waiting. Leaving our son to the trainer we took our seats. When the test started we got to see the most amazing talent and fights the kids produced. Hats off to the discipline and courage the kids had to learn and produce such a fine art in such a tender age.

One thing that i realized that day was this generation kids have more choices and exposure. It was great to see them, learning new forms of arts at such a small age. I was happier to see girls learning it and strongly feel that this should be introduced and made compulsory in schools.

Was a happy and satisfied parent that day and also lucky that i have the resources to give him choice of what he wants to learn. And hoping to see more parents encourages their kids to take up any form of art and grow from strength to strength.

PS:A word for my son yes, he was cool and composed and displayed his skills amazingly. He was "fearless" as his gurus called him and earned his yellow belt giving me again one of those moments when filled with a smile on my lips and tears in my eyes..:) Luv u Rudra

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