Wednesday, August 07, 2013

Im back...working out

Finally, after long time getting back in the groove. To workout. Diet is still on the paper. Yet to come in practice. Yes have again started working out, this time the form is Aerobics. Have started Well with a great zeal of enthusiasm hope it stays that way for a longer Period.

 Shall keep writing regularly now with more updates.


  1. Hey, read few of your last scribblings and think you are struggling with heart over mind. Believe me you are not the only one. Being head strong & disciplined in your exercise regime is a tough challenge.

    I blabbed similar few things in my blog.Do read

  2. just read few of your posts. workout, is the mood i am in. though currently walking 40 mins a day. which really keeps me active all thru the day. planning to take up yoga after losing few kg!

    Thanks for visiting my place!


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