Sunday, August 04, 2013

Friendship Day

So much hype around this beautiful day does not take away the fact that Friends are a part of life and a very important one at that. Friends are an integral part of life and should be celebrated every day. Relationships should not require a specific date to be celebrated. They should be celebrated always.

But still if there is a specific date to celebrate any relation, go ahead and celebrate. Take it as one more reason to celebrate the relation, the joy. Spread the happiness and joy. Smile.
Any day friends are around is a friendship day.But take this day also as a opportunity to celebrate and tell friends how special they are.



  1. Ya, a day makes it special... but time spent with friends is the best, coz friends bring out the best and worst in you, and above are friends are judgemental in your favor always....

    Well said sis...

  2. Lets not dwell as to when to celebrate the when to not. Let us just celebrate :)

    Happy Friendships Day!


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