Thursday, August 08, 2013


Fun it is to work out now that I have been introduced to Aerobics. Its real fun doing it. One hour of full jumping, jogging, abs and u feel great. I wonder why I didn’t go for this form of exercise before.Anyways as they say "Better late than never".:)For those who are wondering as to which form of exercise is good you know my answer :)

Gym workouts are for people who are more disciplined and regular about their workouts and super particular about their health.Not for people who get bored easily and go off track.

I am not preaching any form to be good or bad, just saying that anyone who loves varieties should go for Aerobics. Its fun.

PS: To all beautiful people...with Eid round the corner i m sure most of you must be looking out for the best places to binge on the traditional biryani and seviya kheer.Enjoy the festive season and try to eat inMODERATION....:)

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