Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Thanks to Watsapp

A few days back on watsapp I suddenly received around 100 messages and I was zapped.Apart from the routine friends pings nothing so humongous had come.Putting the cooking on hold I rushed back to check who send so many messages and a wide smile spread across my face.It was a group formed of the ex society friends..

My mind drifted back to those wonderful days and the wonderful people i had been with for most of my was so great to revive all the beautiful memories and those people whom i had lost touch with.Only a casual hello hi maybe on Facebook where all and sundry are friends.
Thanks to watsapp messenger now that we can be in touch with them anytime..God bless the creator of applications like this.

1 comment:

  1. No need for blessing, after a year pay approx 60 bucks per year continued usage would be thanks enough....

    Whatsapp has made message and life simple. I prefer it much more compared to FB. But then thats me...

    So sis welcome to the world of smartphones



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