Friday, February 15, 2013


Today went out with friends to Commercial Street. Saw a nice toy shop. Stocked with array of kid’s stuff. With Rudra even I was tempted seeing so many choices. :) Seeing them, reminded me of my childhood, wherein we were given limited access to shops and choosing things.

There were very limited toys like Dolls and Kitchen set for girls and cars and trains for boys. Now when i have to buy a birthday gift (I have to regularly visit these shops thanks to Rudra’s network of friends. ;) I am always amazed and confused with the choices offered.

Even Birthday party decoration items have an exclusive shop!! U just need to tell the theme for ex: Mickey/Barbie/Vinnie the pooh etc and they would provide all the required things for the birthday of the theme projected.Our birthday parties were more simple and was all about enjoying, nowadays its more about the status and prestige.

Maybe the Next Gen kids will not even know the meaning of "Being Simple" as Simple is complicated now.

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