Sunday, May 20, 2012

the D word

Long Long time i have updated my blog just was not up to pen down thoughts. More to do with my laziness. ;)

Today Amir’s Satyameva Jayate made me sit and wonder what kind of lives those women lead. Dowry means money and luxury for that people are ready to kill? Kill a girl who is married to their son,who is somebody's blood n flesh.

The girl who has been her parents’ apple of the eye,whom they have brought up sacrificing equally if not more, educated. How could the boy whom the girl trusts and gets married hoping that he would protect her all through leave her in a situation like this? Is money and greed more than a life???????

I’m more surprised when in-laws who have a daughter also commit such a disgusting act of torturing a girl and her family for they forget they have a daughter themselves??????? What if the same thing happens to their daughter??????

Girls in today's age are equally qualified and hardworking...they multitask and handle so many responsibilities at the same time.....if they can’t be respected at least let them live their lives.....nobody has the right to take somebody's life or pressurize them to die for no fault of theirs....

Girls stand up for what is right. Your lives too precious to be lost to satisfy somebody else s greed.

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  1. I agree to some extent. Asking & torturing a person dowry is no doubt inhumane, but by the same logic so is the girl's family harrasing the boy and his family in the name of anti-downry laws.

    Dowry is a social evil, but it is not always the women who are tortured by it. I have seen women use the anti-dowry laws as a weapon of vengance on imagined slights against the in-laws.

    Again let me be very clear that i do not condone dowry related violence, but I feel Aamir should have brought out both sides to the story about dowry.

    If in one hand a woman is terrorized then at the other end it is the in-laws who are... so we need to think more on this rather than jump the gun...



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