Tuesday, January 24, 2012

New Year Reslutions

The other day my brother wrote an article in his lovely and informative blog http://outspokenandtrue.blogspot.com/2012/01/new-year-new-goals.html about New Year Resolutions.Although a little late, it set me thinking about how do I go about it??????

Normally I make resolutions. Follow them religiously for some time. Then it goes out of the window. :)
It only comes back to me when at the end of the year i take stock of the resolutions i had written down...I feel sad. I regret not being able to keep it and promise myself that would follow them religiously next year. :) This keeps on happening for years. I’m sure it happens with u too. :)

Now when I think back I wonder, why do we need the resolutions to be made on Jan 1st only? Because it’s the New Year day? It doesn’t matter because what matters is the realization of what we want to do and how serious and intense are we about our resolutions.Mostly they are things we want to improvise about ourselves, set a discipline, take out time to fulfill our ambitions..and mainly listen to our heart and soul. I’m sure that doesn’t require a date of 1st Jan to start implementing...Any day we want to start is a good day, provided we follow them with honesty.
This year my resolution would be to follow my resolutions throughout the year,fulfill the incomplete ones and laugh more what’s yours?

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