Friday, December 23, 2011

Year 2011

Another year comes to an end. Shortly in some days we all will be saying bye bye 2011 n Welcome 2012.The last beautiful month of 2011 December has arrives. Trust me it’s one of the quickest months to pass, never realize when it came and went.

2011 was a mixed year.Yes the best moment was India Winning the World Cup. The moment every Indian is proud of and would be happy remembering. Lots of things happened in this year. Petrol prices going up and then a little down.

We have lost a lot of maestros from the music and movie world like Jagjit Singh,Bhimsen Joshi,Ustad Allah Rakha,Shammi Kapoor,Dev Anand to name a few,we will always miss them. :( They have left their legacy and great body of work for fans to celebrate.)

For many it must have been a year of fulfilling dreams and ambitions...for many it’s just another year. For me too i started the year with great ambitions and dreams. Some got fulfilled, some gave way for new dreams and some are yet to be fulfilled.

Would just like to say all never stop dreaming and trying to make the dream a reality. Be happy and well in advance a very happy n prosperous 2012.Hope the new year brings in more happiness, joy and peace to all.

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  1. A very Happy New Year to you.
    Rgd, the recipe, please email it to me, will definitely post it.



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