Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Super woman

Being a Mom is a thankless job. Life takes a complete turn after u become a mother. Only after u become a mother appreciates the efforts our own mothers may have put in bringing u up. It’s one of the most beautiful creations of God for women to become a mother. A mother is always a Mother. There’s nothing called Good mother n Bad mother. She always loves her child unconditionally and puts it above everything in life including her.

But does that mean that she can’t have a life of her own? Pursue her own dreams. Take a break? Think of a vacation. Maybe yes, maybe no. Working mothers do leave their kids and go to work. But I am sure most of them do I out of need than choice. Lots of women work from home to be hands on mom and also support the family. Hats off the women who can pull off such jobs, because trust me when i say being a mom and doing a job is a tough task. There are times even moms are tired,cranky n irrational. It’s that time when the husband plays a important role in understanding and supporting her...even she has a rough day. Just I am there for you from the hubby do the trick for the woman, a little pamper, hug, care and lots of love. And she’s ready to do anything for you. It’s not a big expectation.Even husbands need such boosting from their partners to keep going in rough times. The feeling and the requirement is mutual.:)

A woman, most of the times just need support, care and understanding. She’s always for the family, with the family. She put "you" and the kid above all. Respect what she does.
I always thank god for making me a woman to understand and undergo these mixed emotions.

These are just random thoughts came to my mind,I penned them down.No offense or comments on the beautiful better half "Husband".They r great and need some speaking from our end for them to understand what we feel and expect them to do.


  1. Good Random thoughts... I guess.. Very relevant and true to a large extent. After all God has created Man and Woman as two seperate entities, with different physiology and psychology, with a purpose... we are all just playing the role , created by the Supreme!!!



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