Friday, December 09, 2011


"Facebook".The best invention.The best way to get in touch with friends,relatives,acquaintances so on and so forth. Earlier it was Orkut,where people used to look out for old pals frantically, but face book entered and just stole the thunder away from Orkut.

No one prefers Orkut today. And thanks to the power of mobile internet. All updates can be checked on the mobile itself. U need not even look for a laptop or a computer to know what’s happening in our friends life. Nowadays no one has time and interest to call even friends for letting know anything important. Update the status of Facebook and news travels to all. Who need phones to make calls, when it can be put to better use like using the net.

Facebook has made life easy for all. A click there n all the happenings in everybody s life we get to read birthdays, new born information, somebody passed away news and party invites...but it has taken the zeal away..there's no fun in wishing birthday or passing condolences through the net to our friends who play a big part in our life..The happiness we get when we "talk" to our buddies, meet them in person, feel the warmth can never be replaced by Facebook.

But this invention has helped connect friends whom we rarely see, or have updates about..and i really thank and feel proud of this invention.:) that I got to connect to a lot of old friends, got their numbers, reconnect with them. Which i never thought would have been possible had face book had not been there.

Thank you Facebook for making life and connecting friends more easy.:)

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  1. I don't like FB, it's too intrusive for my tastes.


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