Sunday, November 20, 2011


One thing in life that never continues to fascinate me is "Relationships".Such a beautiful feeling is it to have people around loving and caring for you always.Not all people in life are lucky to have a great set of friends/relatives who are there with us through thick and thin.

Some relations are very formal..the ones u need to have even though u like or no :(  Some are very special which we always cherish and never wish to lose them ever..but there are times when we have to move on in life leaving behind them despite of our wish to carry them with us..those are terrible times and painful moments..but that does not mean we forget them or don't miss them,its just that we let go of them at that point of time hoping that they also understand and stay with us. But alas,that doesn't happen always. We tend to lose them as both move on to better things in life.

There are some friendships which start off great,but with time tend to lose their charm or we have misunderstandings and part ways. :( But there are times wen after some time you wish to let bygones be bygones and reconnect but your efforts go unnoticed..that s more painful it hurts.

The best relations are where u need not say a single word and then too u have friends/siblings knowing whats wrong and stand by you,even if they r not convinced..they are "the best gift of life"

Another best relations the ones who understands you and reconnect even if u don't speak to them for ages as if u spoke to them yesterday.Hold on to them. They are precious as they make life worthwhile.
Thanks to all my such friends/cousins and love you all a lot. Its never too late to say you are special and will always remain so.


  1. That was such a lovely post. I also have a few people whom I would've never wanted to leave behind but have to go on..

    Thanks for visiting my space dear..Do keep dropping by

  2. Hey Kaveri...Thanks for the encouraging words

  3. That was a good effort at describing relationships... there are a few more ...classifications...i like the way u wrote it ... but luks like u wrote in a haste...

  4. true kavita, relationships where you dont need to say anything and convey all are the best!

  5. Thanks Padhu...for taking time out to read the article and comments....


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