Friday, November 04, 2011

Random Thoughts

Finally, after lots of apprehension. Have joined the blogging bandwagon(Not a big deal I guess a lot of people joining every day). Every time people talk about blogging. I used to wonder what to blog about?

Today when was going through blogs. Was wondering why I did not think about it earlier, I mean in today's world technology's is all what people use to communicate and share their thoughts. Gone are the days when friends used to meetup and chat for hours and even after so much time spent together call up from home and again chat for hours. Nowadays everyone has a cell phone with the latest applications but no time to speak to friends.

Nowadays updates about friends are through Facebook. Even messaging seems outdated. :(

So thought maybe I should also pen in my thoughts. Not for attention but to just express what I feel.


  1. Welcome to the blogging world Sis!!!!!!

    Keep it updated.....

  2. getting impressed and inspired by ur blog....
    like raju said keep it updated

  3. Thanks a lot dear...for inspiring n motivating...:)

  4. Thanks Vinod for ur precious time and feedback..they mean a lot to me...


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