Saturday, November 05, 2011


Kids grow so fast. They make you wonder and surprise you with their speed.Since the day Rudra’s born. There must be very rare occasions that he didn’t surprise or shock me.

But the lives they lead is one of the most carefree ones. :)How I wish I could go back to my childhood.I’m very sure I must have not been half as smart as he is at his age.With him around, I can proudly say that, in difficult times he’s my biggest support. His mere touch and smile does the magic of making me feel refreshed and happy.

It’s very surprising how kids manage to be naughty as well as quiet when needed...there are times when I feel low, unwell and he takes care of me as he is my mother. All the mothers when come in a situation like this(I am sure all must have sometime or the other)feel only happy and proud about their child.

We all never understood what our mothers went through and how they strive to make us a better human beings, but with our kids we realize the efforts our parents must have put to bring us up.Hats off to them.

But I feel us as females are lucky to have that gift from god to bring a life to earth and enjoy the magical process. Thanks god always for that’s gave me the best gift of my life ever. :)

I would never have been able to feel the way I feel today.Thank you for the wonderful moments.


  1. I do sincerely feel it is an good idea to have started this blog.. pennning one's thoughts can be a very satisfying activity and u have the skills to do it...

    Hope to see more blogs....

  2. wow....just wow
    its just an amazing way to put front ur thoughts...n really happy for ur gr8 start..
    waiting to read more from u...

  3. Beautiful words that can make every mother light up with a small smile.
    enjoyed reading your account of Rudra's childhood :)

  4. simply wow... i feel dat u hv read my mind n hv put in words... simply gr8... hats off to all our mom


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