Wednesday, November 09, 2011


Now that I am a homemaker by choice, there is a lot of experiments going in my that Rudra is growing up want to introduce him to all kind of foods. So I end up experimenting in kitchen. Sometimes recipes turn out good.Sometimes they fail miserably...but I keep trying..

Cooking has turned out to be stress buster for me. Whenever i m bored i try to come out with a new dish just to be engaged and keep myself happy...they satisfy me at the end of the day...

Hats off to all those people who actually blog their recipes with step by step pictures. Great patience and determination I must say..i doubt whether i would be able to show them, even if i share my recipes sometime down the future...maybe a snap of the final dish with the recipe..But great work, my fellow bloggers...u all rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. Transformation from Girl... lady...homemaker.... a blogger... natural progression???


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