Monday, November 14, 2011


Today’s Children s Day...a day dedicated for children to be happy. Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru’s Birthday. Rudra had a fancy dress and were given gifts and chocolates with fun filled games in school.

It just transported me to my childhood, wherein we were given leave and used to be home this day. Assuming that at least today won’t get a thrashing from mom for our pranks and naughty antics. Life then was so simple. For me at least Children’s Day was similar to my Birthday. :( Those were the only two days when all my pranks were not converted into punishment. ;).Otherwise there’s no single day I did not get a bashing from my mom. Which I loved everyday i used to think of ways to get a nice beating from her.

No gifts, no hype. Then too we used to be so happy. Nowadays life has become so materialistic that we have forgotten the small joys of life in simple things. Mostly all of us run behind "time”. The most precious commodity. Life has become so mechanical that most of the times we forget to enjoy the moment.In our worries..
Truly childhood’s a bliss. We never realized it when we were kids today we want our childhood back...kharach lahanpan dega deva..


  1. ur writing welll... true re ... life was so easy then.... now its all a rat race... do not know for what!!!!

  2. Thanks for the encouraging words..

  3. Cheers Sis... ur words are simple and thoughts profound.. Quite a little writer you are... :)

  4. my dear sis, u made me recollect my childhood days where i used to njoi with my friends,family with u n raju..those summer vacations..eating icecreams n mangoes aha


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