Monday, January 02, 2017

Reflections 2016

The year that went by was not great. :( When I look back now, I don’t see many good moments. It was just bad, to say the least. It had drained us emotionally and mentally. The stress, the pain, everything just bogged us down. The door just hasn’t opened.

The only solace was we struck together as a unit in these times and waiting things to fall in place. Lots of adjustments, compromises had to be made. Frankly, I am still not sure whether they were worth it. I am hoping for a better 2017 if not the best year.

The highlight of the year was the time spent with family. Personally too wasn’t able to keep up to the resolutions made.😏😐 I wasn’t regular with my blog updates; even food blog took a beating. Hoping that this year I am able to do better.

This place is tough I feel, getting acknowledged / appreciated takes a lot of time. But someday, I hope I make a mark and have good number of virtual friends too. I know maybe too many blogs, too many social sites may make things difficult , but keep trying is the mantra for now.

How was your 2016?


  1. Dont worry Kavi, here is hoping 2017 will be better for all of us. Coming to the blog and comments/likes, there is something I have realized. When you comment, you get a comment back. You like someone's post, you get a like back. Sadly, that is how blogging is these days. So, I have stopped falling for compliments. If you are happy doing something, just do. Expectations would make it hard. Learnt this in all these five years of blogging. Yes, I did make up good friends in the process whom I can contact outside of blogworld but again, I have stopped expecting comments/likes from them too. Sorry if I was too blunt, but thought of sharing what I felt.

  2. Agreed dear..Life has completely become give and take. Gone are the days of appreciating the good work and becoming a fan. These days its very practical and cut throat.



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