Friday, May 29, 2015

An observation

Being a mom is a tough and a full time job. I always used to think when kids grow little older, they would be managing their own things and less dependent on us. But with time I realized it’s never that way. Each stage throws new challenges to deal with and it’s a never ending process.

When kiddo was small, I used to always think when he would grow up, eat on his own, walk etc. When he started walking, eating on his own I missed the old days when he had to be carried.

When he goes to class, school on his own by bus, he used to be less dependent on me and I had other things to worry like convincing him to eat what is cooked , argue less and listen more. These days they have their own taste for everything. They are clear about what they want and make no bones in expressing and getting it fulfilled.

I am sure as he grows more; there would be more interesting and funny moments. I hope to set a good example and be a good mom.

In the same breath, hats off to my mom for bearing our tantrums (I feel we were much easier to manage than this generation, I am sure that’s another topic of debate. ;)) and teaching us good values. I hope to pass it on.

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  1. totally echoes my thoughts! once you are mom, its 24x7x365 for life!!



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