Sunday, April 19, 2015

Kiddo's idea

The other day, while i was scribbling in my space here,kiddo came behind and started making an attempt to read what i write.When i was struggling, he asked me "Mom what u writing?" I said "An article for my blog but am struck with what to write". He said "why don't you write about Krishna?"

I asked "What?" He said write my favourite stories about Krishna, so that even my friends also read them. Got me thinking. So hoping to write some stories which we have heard and grew up.Maybe i too get to relive my childhood through this.

What stories have you heard and grown up? Do share yours too..


Saturday, April 18, 2015

Being a celebrity

The other day, I happened to read about Virat Kohli 's interview about how hurt he is about blaming Anushka being blamed for his performance in World Cup. I completely agree that people should give him space and think before commenting on his life. There's a thin line between doing and overdoing, which we keep crossing.

But something that disturbs me about him was the way he said that only he has won matches for India till now. What about Dhawan, Rahane,Dhoni and others?????? have they not contributed in the wins? Is it that the team won only because he played?????Learn to be humble like Sachin, Dravid. They have always attributed their success to the team. I also feel maybe he would have said that in a heat of moment, but somewhere what he said bordered arrogance.

Yet i feel we should give him benefit of doubt. Because to err in human..

Friday, April 17, 2015

An ode to Mumbai

This is a city of dreams, unlimited energy and the most loving people on earth. Come any crisis, this city never ever sleeps or stops. Keep moving on is the mantra of this city..

Born and brought up in this city, I have always been in awe of this city. This is one message that was circulating which I loved. So here's what I learnt from this city and the one that always would be loved, no matter  wherever I go and whatever I do, I owe a lot to this city.��

Here's what Mumbai thought me:

1) Mumbai Taught Me:
Either you are a millionaire or a ragpicker you must love Vadapav.

2) Mumbai Taught Me: Nothing is more important in your life than Money.! Whether you’re alive or dead.!

3) Mumbai Taught Me: It makes a lot of difference to catch a 8.55 am local than to catch 9.05 am local.

4) Mumbai Taught Me: How to behave, how to tackle problems, how to make friends in just 10 minutes, how to behave at Global Stage.

5) Mumbai Taught Me: There will always be someone to share the first drop of Monsoon or a piping hot bhutta with at Marine Drive.

6) Mumbai Taught Me: That if you can survive this city you can survive anywhere in the world.

7) Mumbai Taught Me: That broke days can be happy days because Mumbai has vada pav, cutting chai and Rustom’s ice-cream sandwich.

8) Mumbai Taught Me: That there is a vast difference between people traveling in Western, Central and Harbour line.

9) Mumbai Taught Me: That you can own 5% of Pune or Bangalore, or buy a 3 BHK in Juhu for the same price.

10) Mumbai Taught Me:
There is something called 0.5 BHK, and you may not afford it.

11) Mumbai Taught Me:
Not to drink and abuse security guard at Wankhede Stadium.

12) Mumbai Taught Me:
Not to sleep on footpath at night.

13) Mumbai Taught Me:
How to talk to strangers without feeling awkward.

14) Mumbai Taught Me:
Distance is measured in time and not KMS.

15) Mumbai Taught Me:
That problems can’t be solved easily but can be kept away for a while by contemplatively sitting near sea.

16) Mumbai Taught Me:
We can have bus friends, train friends, office friends, mohalla friends even beach friends...not only just school or college friends.

17) Mumbai Taught Me:
To fight and never give up in life.

Love Mumbai...

Amchi Mumbai....

Thursday, April 16, 2015


I and my brother have been from a middle class family. We had always been taught to adhere to the budget and almost always never had the craze or the power of splurging in luxury things, but at the same time we are very proud and happy to be a part of the family wherein our needs were always taken care of irrespective of whether mom dad had the money or no.

I still remember the dress which mom got for me for the school farewell party. I am sure it would have burned a hole in her pocket to buy that dress at the end of the month, but she did just to make me smile and feel special. I also reminsce the birthday treats we used to give for our friends with all arranged snacks at home. How much ever friends we invited she used to cook for them, without any help and those flavors of the food cannot be matched by any star hotel foods.

We used to shop yearly twice, for our birthdays and Diwali. Diwali because, dad used to get his bonus then. We used to get our yearly dresses then, one for birthday and Vishu. Today, by Gods grace we have the power to shop whatever we want, but still our middle class mindsets always makes us think twice before splurging on anything, be it a dress or a top.

I feel it’s very important to be able to touch base with our roots. Even for the kiddo, I make it a point to say "no" at times so that he too understands the value of things he has. In today's world parents can buy whatever money can buy. But we should also make the kids realize that not always their demands would be fulfilled.

It's ok to say no to them. They may be feel bad for sometime but somewhere down they would be able to learn to handle no as an answer.

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Books and me

I am always very proud of the fact that i read a lot of books. I love when i hear about some good books and get to lay my hands on them almost immediately. There's no fixed genre,but i like reading chick flicks,mythology etc. And there were days when i used to be so confused on which book to order that i used to read books continuously, return and pick the other one like a hungry person picks his food.

Yes, i do keep buying books also in addition to picking them from library which hubby always disapproves of. According to him if you join a library, why do you need to buy them too?? But he being a teetotaler in reading would never understand the happiness of getting to read the book when you want to and not having to wait for the availability..Phew.

There are times i have picked books on reading the synopsis and found the actual reading to be very boring. But its still fun to read and but books and would be very happy if kiddo is also able to pick this one quality of reading. Its very truly said that "Books were my friends,when no friends were around". Apt.

Coming to the point,this year i added myself to good reads and decided that i would read a hundred books. Big goal but i thought would be achieved easily.I was very proud till last month that i was ahead of the goals set for the month.( Too early i imagined..;) ) But these days i am not able to lay my hands on good books. Suddenly the books i wanted to read doesn't sound very interesting. Time to change genres i guess. Explore.

To help me in my mammoth task, any good books suggestions?????

Friday, April 10, 2015

My Review: I do Do i?? By Ruchita Misra


Kasturi Shukla is all set to marry the man of her dreams. Time to stop doing silly things and start living happily ever after, right? Well, then maybe someone should tell Kasturi that. This irrepressibly irreverent and not - quite - beaming bride - to - be fumbles through a messy engagement and, in a moment of indecision, steps across a line that she should never have been near. To make things worse, her best friends are now nauseatingly mushy star - crossed lovers, her future mother - in - law thinks the kitchen - phobic Kasturi is a fabulous cook, her colleague Padma hates her for no reason, her boss wants medical intervention for her imaginary deafness and her mother has become a cyber - celebrity. This was not the way things were meant to go. Smart, hilarious and utterly unpredictable, I Do! Do I? will have you at the edge of your seat - unless you've already fallen off it laughing.

My Take:

Ok she’s done good justice to the book. Again all the characters are well etched and we would all relate to the story at some point. Pre marriage Jitters and confusion of whether marrying the right person is something all girls and guys of today would relate to. I love the way the topic is handled with sensitivity and humor. For once, you won’t hate Kasturi, even if she’s the one breaking hearts. I loved her moms cyber queen track which shocks Kasturi. So does her imaginary deafness which her boss sympathizes with.
Overall a good breezy read to the prequel. The story continues from where it is left from and is woven around beautifully around all the characters. Thanks Ruchita for this really makes a humorous read on a boring day, when your chips are down.

I would rate the book 4/5..A recommended read..

Thursday, April 09, 2015

R's Graduation Day

Yesterday was a very emotional moment for me. My little one graduated from Kids to High. Was a very nostalgic moment to see kids grow so fast. I still remember the day when he held my hands and very happily (me apprehensive) went to Playgroup. And cut to yesterday he already finished the small  kids years in school. :)

Kids growing years are very special moments for parents. We often wonder when would they grow up become independent, and the day they start becoming one, we feel bad that they are no more dependent on us for silly things. There was a phase when everything needed my approvals, but now there are lot of things he manages to do on his own. For me,he's still a small kid, for him he's a grow up boy. He has his own choices, don't need me around him always, can eat on his own etc.But these small things which they do on their own makes us realize lots of things.

He will enter High school, make new friends, learn new things, and we as parents now only need to guide them and watch them growing from kids to adults. Yes, but all this thanks to God and wonderful teachers who have always guided,taken care of him and taught him,disciplined him. Without them,what they are today wont have been possible. Truly, teachers are their "second parent".

As much as i am proud of him going to high somewhere, i am also sad that his childhood would be somewhere lost now in further years as proper languages, subjects ,7 hour school would start. The fun years are over.

Signing off for now..