My Review: Khullam Khulla By Rishi Kapoor

Read Rishi Kapoor's Biography Khullam Khulla. Was a good book. Refreshing , but boasting of self pride in many places. Brutally honest to accept his short comings and mistakes he does/ did in handling relationships.

The book starts well talking about his childhood, his relationship with his father, kids,uncles. Lots of memories shared. Has talked well about his failures, his way of looking at relations. His friendships with his co stars. How things change and how friends too move on.

I liked the way he is candid and forthcoming about his relation with his kids. Like how he accepts of the gap between them and how is unable to bridge the same. The candidness is touching.

The only part i felt he was boring was talking about his relationship with Amitabh Bachchan. I felt he kept repeating the same point a couple of times in the books saying how the superstar denied credits to his co stars in the success of his career. I feel too much importance is given to this. Lots of secrets of th…

Cooking woes

Ask any woman what’s the only dreaded question and she would be quick to retort, "What to cook". I mean seriously I feel blessed are the souls, who need not have to face this, task of deciding the menu, especially the husbands. All they contribute in this conversation is saying "whatever".
Kids aren't helpful either. Mine would ask for anything out of blue and if I say the ingredients aren't there he would say "Mumma then why ask?"  “Do whatever you wish as usual. Whatever I suggest you always categorize as junk or unhealthy” So again to same burning question, "what to cook"?  There are days when my mind throws lots of options, so much that making a choice among st them becomes a deal and the other extreme is days when I open the fridge and wonder what to whip of the ingredients available with minimum effort?
This challenge doesn’t end here as I go to bed with the same question of what to cook for the next day. Every day to cook something…

An update

Read a few books, had too many things in my mind, wasn’t in a frame of mind to write. I know I have been grossly ignoring this space but unintentional. This world is tough; getting appreciated or accepted is never easy. Too much competition and very less motivation. Yes, not getting motivated or accepted is the reason for the laze.
Maybe someone must be reading my space, but no one makes an attempt to reach and comment. Maybe a word of agreement/ disagreement would be the triggers for me for writing. But as they say “the only person who can help you is yourself.” So now trying to regain the momentum, organize and again start moving.
I tend to forget that i wrote for myself, this is my space to rant, ramble and share my inner feelings, who reads it or not should not be important. Maybe someday someone would connect to what i feel and maybe the world would be a happy place for me too

Review for Rishi Kapoors Khullam Khulla coming soon next.

The Legend of Lakshmi Prasad - My review

Synopsis:A collection of utterly magical stories that will leave you crying, laughing and wholly enchanted.A gangly young girl transforms her village with a revolutionary idea. Sixty-eight-year-old Noni Appa finds herself drawn to a married man – ‘Why do people have to define relationships, underline each word till the paper gives way beneath,’ she wonders. Bablu Kewat becomes obsessed with sanitary napkins much to his family’s horror, and a young woman keeps checking the weather forecast as she meticulously plans each of her five weddings. Funny, observant and wise, this is storytelling at its most irresistible.
My Take:The other day I started reading this book. To start with, it was ok ish. The stories I felt are been dragged. The short stories are of different genres. Some stories are inspiring like the first one ; the birth of a girl child. Others I felt were mediocre. It sounded at places like old childhood stories.The book is very different from the first one written by the same …

Someone to Love : My Review

Read a lot of books in last few days  Some were good ,some didn’t meet expectations. Today I’m reviewing Ruchita Misra’s Someone to Love. Now I have been a fan of this author, she has written some wonderful books. With lot of expectations I picked up this one, and I must say I wasn’t let down.

Koyal and Atharv are childhood friends. They are also soulmates. Confidantes. Kindred spirits. They are made for each other – only, neither of them seems to have figured it out just yet. As they grow into adulthood, they turn to each other in sorrow and joy, only becoming closer. But then one day, something happens and their rare friendship is cruelly transformed into something a lot like hatred. Atharv, scarred and hurt, fumes with anger, while impetuous Koyal presses the self-destruct button. 
Years later, just when they’ve both found peace within themselves, their paths cross again. And destiny, that strange creature, has a few tricks up her sleeve. Will these two ever forgive each oth…

Some updates

Last week went by blur. I always wish I could hold time. It just flies, when it's good and stalls when bad. That's what I feel. When we wait for something the wait is also exciting, as the event passes all that remains is the memories and the regret that it's finished so soon. 😣😐

With my parents and brother here  and we as a unit together after three years the time was precious. It was a great feeling to be able to relive all the old childhood stories, mom's cooking and dad's jokes. Now when they all went back yesterday I'm still in the same zone thinking of what all I wished and couldn't do. How much ever u spend times with your loved ones, saying them bye is always difficult.

There are so many things I thought I would do, speak, cook but now when I look back I feel I still have missed many moments. Then now I think it's OK not all thoughts and moments can be relived. I should learn to be happy with the time I got, as between what we want and what we g…

Half Pants Full Pants My review

Childhood is one of the most memorable phases of everyone’s life. When we sit back and think about life as such we all at some point of time agree that we all had the best moments of life as a child. We all try to reminisce and relive those moments in our minds all the time. That’s why childhood friends are so special and integral part of our lives. They are the people who know you inside out. A part of all your journeys, crushes, emotional moments. When I read the book I felt very nostalgic. So many events we all have felt, experienced but couldn’t sum up in words has been expressed by the author. The bits and pieces of local dialect help as it sounds more real.In a nutshell, the pleasures of childhood which we enjoyed and the generation now is been deprived of can be read and enjoyed by us and imagined by the next gen. Those times were truly special and they are something money can’t buy. Thank you Anand Suspi for helping us relive the childhood memories. Reading them made me nostal…