Saturday, March 28, 2015

A salute to the Captain

Now with the World Cup Fever everywhere,me too have caught up in the same fever.I am living,eating and breathing cricket as they say.Cheering for India has become more important than sleep and cook..:)

The other day while surfing channels i happened to see Dhoni's interview and i was actually impressed.A very simple man who spoke about his likes.I envy his patience and calmness..When the whole nation is biting nails watching thrilling matches he's someone who never shows any expression.How he manages to be so cool in such extreme situations is beyond my understanding.People watching the match have their hearts in their sleeves but he's calm and collected . We all have something to learn from him ,his coolness , his attitude ,his calm and composed behavior even in crunch situations and letting his play talk rather than engaging in war of words.

Aggression is good, maybe works also for a lot of people but only when you know where to draw the line and not overdo it. Being reactive is easy but being quiet even when you are being criticized requires a mot of guts and patience. The other day i just read about how people feel he's more money minded because he didn't go back to see his new born ,but trust me had he gone back people would have said that the baby is more important than the National duty of representing the country. Talk of being a double edged sword.

So what we lost the semis , it doesn't question your leadership skills, which time and again you have proved to be great.

Take a bow captain for all the wonderful wins you have given us.

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A quickie

The stage is set. With New Zealand winning the first against the South Africans, all attention now on who would be the second Finalist.

OK with a cracker if a match in hands, me too like millions of Indians am rooting for my team to win. We all know that Australians are fighters; they would not give up so easily, play mind games etc. But I still feel we can have a hold over them. Let them talk and let our performance talk.

Common India. Yes #we won’t give it back. Everything including the past records may be against us but on a given day those things doesn't Matter. All that matters is complete focus and the zeal to win. We all know only on team can win, May the best team win.

The first semis was a mind blowing game where till the end no one knew who would go in. With both the teams battling in for a maiden entry in Finals they really played great cricket and NZ survived the pressure and zoomed in.



Wednesday, March 25, 2015

Review: How Sachin Destroyed My Life : But Gave Me an All Access Pass to the World of Cricket by Vikram Sathaye

Summary of the book:
In How Sachin Destroyed My Life, Vikram Sathaye chronicles the story of his life and how he accidently entered the world of stand-up comedy and became a cricket humorist. Moreover, he got the amazing opportunity to travel and spend time with the members of the Indian Cricket squad for more than a decade. This book presents his incredible journey as he takes us inside the dressing rooms, hotels and introduces us to the leading cricketers of India. The book comes with a foreword by Sachin Tendulkar and is replete with humor and interesting anecdotes, insights, photographs and quotes by cricketing legends like Sachin Tendulkar, Dravid, and Yuvraj Singh. This book will be thoroughly enjoyed by cricket enthusiasts.

My reviews:
I loved the book from the word go. Very interesting read, brilliant observations about the cricketers and the book gives a wonderful insight about how a cricketer prepares himself, his observations, mind games, sledging. I realized how the commentator, statistician whom we feel have the most glamorous job of just sitting and talking have to do research and the knowledge they have about the games. Hats off to the author for such detail explanation of things we must have hardly observed.

The best part of the book is it is explained in a very layman language; people can relate to it. I started seeing matches in a more different manner after reading the book and started admiring the simple things that a player does before the match. It talks about the efforts of even others who work as hard as the players to make the game look so easy. Only the title and a chapter speak of Sachin not the whole book as assumed by many. Talks about lots of anecdotes shared by cricketers which make it a more interesting read. My favorite one being the Sehwag ones.

After reading this, I have started watching matches in a different light and observing things and listening to the commentary with more attention.

I would rate the book 4/5. Great humor and must read for all the cricket crazy fans and i look forward for more such books from the author.

Monday, March 23, 2015


Monday…The most dreaded day of the week. Unless it’s your birthday or you planning to go on a vacation, or any other special reason, there’s no one who loves Monday. What makes Monday boring? I often wonder whether it’s the restart of routine after a nice break of a weekend called Saturday and Sunday or that we just don’t want the sweet “do your things according to your time” thing to not end.
I feel we value the weekend more because it gives us the much needed break from the clock of doing things in time. But because we work for the whole week we enjoy the weekends. Imagine all the days if we can do things as per our wish, will we even value the happiness weekend gives us?
Socho Socho..Think Think
I am sure even if one person read this post and start thinking like this, soon “Monday” won’t be the most dreaded day.  J


Sunday, March 22, 2015

A week that was..

Ok, last week just passed away in a blur, with kiddo falling sick. There’s viral everywhere so it’s very difficult to protect kids. The pediatrician had the same symptoms kids at least 6 before me and many more maybe later. All I can say is please please keep your kid hydrated, and avoid sending them to schools if they have even mild fever. The least we can do is stop the infection from spreading to others.

So with India in semis of the World Cup, it gives us one more chance to be happy and proud. Of course, we have worked hard to reach this level and although Australia is a tough team to beat in their home I would still like to see our team play well and win. More than winning, I would be happy even if we make a attempt and play like winners instead of meekly surrendering.

Heat this time is killing. At least we in Bangalore are feeling that, since we have yet to see such soaring temperature here. Hoping for the rains to come soon and help. Earlier, there used to be only 3 seasons nowadays there’s no fixed season. Anytime any season starts.

Have read some books (old ones) but none I felt worth a  mention, so no articles on the reviews front too. Currently reading Krishna's Konfessions, loosely based on the daily soaps. Let’s see how it turns out to be. More on that later.

Hoping that the new week brings some good things and better peace of mind.

Signing off for now,
Take Care


Sunday, March 15, 2015

Sitas Sister by Kavita Kane..My take

These days mythological books have captured my interest.Thanks to some really good takes or versions of the Mahabharata and Ramayana.This time i have picked Sita's Sister by Kavita Kane.

As Sita prepares to go into exile, her younger sisters stay back at the doomed palace of Ayodhya, their smiles, hope and joy wiped away in a single stroke. And through the tears and the tragedy one woman of immense strength and conviction stands apart - Urmila, whose husband, Lakshman, has chosen to accompany his brother Ram to the forest rather than stay with his bride. She could have insisted on joining Lakshman, as did Sita with Ram. But she did not. Why did she agree to be left behind in the palace, waiting for her husband for fourteen painfully long years?

My Take:
When i read the book i realized that Urmila was the most underrated character in the Ramayana. No one really thought about how she felt or survived those 14 years of exile. We all know more about Sita,Ram and Lakshman. Even what Lakshman felt when he decided to go with his brother, the turmoil of his emotions, what Urmila felt when her most loved people, Lakshman and Sita when to exile is very beautifully captured.Very few, knew that Urmila was a scholar with great knowledge on varied subjects and the one who held the kingdom together in the absence of Ram and Bharat.

The book very beautifully captures the character of Urmila..Hats off to the author for the research and efforts made to present Urmila's unknown facets to the world.

I would rate the book 3.5/5..Very sensitively written. A thought provoking read with giving credit to other characters of the Ramayana who never received their due.. I loved and respect Urmila for the sacrifices she has made which have always went unnoticed.

A must read for all the readers, to know what trust,sacrifice actually means..Do comment on what you felt about the book.Would love to hear from you..

Signing off for now..


Friday, March 13, 2015

House Chores

I am an extreme person when it comes to house work department, either i keep cleaning and keeping the house spic and span always or i am just plain lazy. There are days when books are lying unattended, piles of clothes waiting for attention and cupboard ;) and i ignore. How much ever i try to discard this habit and balance myself there's very little success i have achieved till now.

When the house is in a mess and i start cleaning, i make a promise that henceforth i would clean the shelves, windows kitchen shelves on a more regular basis, but the next day itself the resolution is out of the window.If i decide to clean, unlike distributing the work so that i don't tire myself, i do all things at the same day and next day i realize the effects of loading myself..:)

Do you all also do it the same way?????