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Sunday, August 03, 2014

F for the Friendship

The most celebrated day after Valentines Day has to be Friendship day.A day when we thank and remember all our friends and celebrate their presence in our life.

I love the celebrations that happen in college during our college days where all we needed is a marker pen and some threads for the "special friends" to whom we tie the all markers zindabad.Nowadays,lot of days are celebrated.

Coming back to Friendship day,wonderful memories surround me when i reminisce this day today..where no markers fill my hand till shoulder..where wishes are virtual.Thanks to technology that we wish  our friends in spite of not being around..

Funny that there are lot of friends who resurface only on occasional days like this..maybe a topic worth discussing is whether they can be categorized as "friends". The Virtual friendships have been given too much importance..So much ki meeting friends and spending time with them have become unimportant.We feel virtual contact is enough to know a person.Nowadays friends are being made looking at their profile,likes and dislikes..We conveniently forget the need to feel "connected" to them.

Missing the wonderful meet at Phadke Road on friendship day,chatting,planning lunches and dinners with friends..and yes,mostly importantly missing the meeting with friends almost daily at our "Adda". We had so much to talk about everyday and funnily when we chat it doesn't go beyond basic wishes..But the moment we talk,we have so many things to say and ask...Chatting has still not replaced talking,thankfully.

There's so much fun meeting and talking with friends face to face that the happiness,the touch,the hug is irreplaceable.

All said and done,i wish all my wonderful friends a very "Happy Friendship Day" virtually ..;) Also,wanna say that u all are very special and very valuable.Thanks for being there u all...

Signing off for now..

                      HAPPY FRIENDSHIP DAY

Saturday, August 02, 2014

Freedom of choice...der??????

The exposure these days kids have is humongous.Thanks to the modern times they know also about a lot of things happening around them and have their views on everything.Gone are the days when becoming a Doctor or an Engineer was the biggest achievement of the parents and kids lives..No,i don't mean to disrespect these fields but now lot of career options are available and respected.Our times only limited choices were available.

But even in these modern times and space,a thought that kept disturbing me is:Do kids really have the freedom to choose? Or we as parents directly or indirectly pressurize them to do what we feel is right??? or our unfulfilled dreams?

Change channels and we find lot of reality shows happening...and most of the kids participating in the shows are for fulfilling their parents dreams.Sure,they have the talent but is it good to do something they don't wish to??? Ask them and the most common and prominent answer we get to hear is "This is my Mother/Fathers dream to become a singer/dancer/actor,he/she could not so i am fulfilling their dream."

I feel its high time we give kids the chance to choose.Choose what they wish to become.At least,they would learn to be responsible for their choices.Maybe they would fail,but at least they would know to take responsibility for their actions.

Everybody has a right to dream and also a right to fulfill them.We as parents,should vow never to burden our kids with our unfulfilled dreams.Let them be the Architect of their future.We as parents are always there around to guide them..when they need it.

Signing off for now..

Friday, August 01, 2014

Paranoid????? no

It happened a few days back when kiddo has given some external exams and i got to know the results saying he got selected for the next level.Of course,i was on cloud nine jumping with happiness that suddenly i got to know from other parents that their kids have also secured a rank!!!!

Suddenly i started freaking out thinking why my kid hasn't scored a rank? Now the jolly news suddenly started prickling me to think where my son lacked? So instead of being happy to see what he has achieved i had started sulking.

Of-course,i was very happy for the kiddos who scored ranks and always pray that they do very well in their future endeavors too.But for me the happiness had reduced by a fold.Later when i gave it a proper thought,i realized i am doing what i had promised i wont do..Compare with other kids and not appreciating what he has achieved now,i am belittling his achievements by being greedy and quest for more.

This,when he himself didn't know what he has achieved.He has done something that,i at his age had never achieved.I honestly i asked myself,Is sulking worth it?? Isn't his participation more
important than his achievement? Not scoring a rank doesn't degrade his achievement..(I myself have never scored a parents never cribbed about it..:: )

And yes,after all this thoughts i suddenly started respecting him and loving him more because he was indifferent to all of this,even after knowing his peers scored a u son and i am immensely proud of your achievements..

Friday, July 18, 2014

Are schools safe??????

The whole world is talking about the incident happened in the school where in a 6 year old girl was raped..Shame on such sick minded people who don't even spare small kids.Its a real shame that our lives these days have come to this level that we are not sure of our kids security even in schools.

If the schools can't take enough safety measurements for the security of the kids,what for are they charging the exorbitant fees for???? Parents pay money hoping that they too treat our kids with the same love and respect.Schools are said to be the "Second home" and if this is how its going to be its very unfortunate and shameful.

Schools are supposed to be a place wherein a kid is molded,educated and trained to be become a better human.But if the "so called" teachers practice such shameful sins,what examples are they setting?? What happened in one school might happen in other schools also? Where are the Kids safe then????

Are we trying to say that now we wont be able to give kids a healthy competitive and safe growing years? Don't they deserve this?????

After hearing these things i am scared about the safety of my kid.I'm worried about the impact of these things on them.I am not able to insert "trust" on the schools and teachers.

Its time to think and take constructive steps in protecting the "child" in the children.

Signing off for now..

Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Veggies to eat or not to eat?

Still in daze after visiting the veggie stall sometime back..The prices are over the roof..I mean someone tell me how are we supposed to survive in a situation wherein everything except salary increases???
I was horrified to find tomatoes priced at Rs 50 per kg..Worse mom saying its 100 per kg at her place. I just asked her how and what do i cook?? None of the veggies are below 20 per quarter and they don't even look fresh enough to pay the amount asked..

Am i the only one feeling the pinch??? or is that everyone's feeling the same or too shocked like me to react?????

Signing off for now...

Wednesday, July 09, 2014

An impromptu with rains..

Sample this:

You drop your kid to classes,go inside the food mart nearby.U make a mental note (recap) of what all u wanna buy and start looking for the items.You also do some window shopping reading ingredients of the new products (i do that when i have time..:) ) and suddenly when u come out of the shop to your surprise..its raining,rather pouring..

Exactly this is what happened..when i left to drop the kiddo it was sunny rather windy with no traces of clouds and rains..its been like this for the past 3 days so very unassumingly i too went out with umbrella..:(
But when it started pouring without any trace of stopping,i too started walking in the rains.It made me nostalgic,happy to have got drenched in rains..but my other mind was worried about the cell phone..Ya cellphone,coz nowadays cell phones are stylish and not sturdy..I still remember my Nokia 3310 which,in spite of falling from the first floor was working very fine.They don't  make that kinda stuff these days...

Back to track,the impromptu with rains,in spite of mobile,money getting wet was very nice and a welcome change..nowadays we have forgotten the fun of getting drenched as we used to when we were kids..

The impromptu with rains made me come alive and reminded me from where i come..Thank you Rain Gods for that..

Signing off for now...

Saturday, July 05, 2014

ABC s of parenting.

Parenting is a tough job..we all realize this only when we become parents.Till then,we always feel (atleast i used to feel that i would do a better job and be more cooler when i become one..;P) But things change with time..U realize the importance and value of our parents only when we become one..Sad but true..:)

New age parenting has become more tough because of the exposure the kids have to gadgets and outside world..True earlier days also there are many who had both the parents working but still they use to make time for little things around us..Today thanks to competition,power and position it becomes difficult to spend that "little" time.

Today we can buy them anything they demand for except "time".

Recently, i just got a message saying ABC of parenting..i found the thoughts interesting and worth sharing so here comes the ABC of parenting..for parents,who are busy and parents like me who even after having time,need to improve..:P

A: Ask your child about his school day.
B:Begin you child's day with a healthy nutritious breakfast.
C:Congratulate your child for doing well.
D:Discuss Homework with your child.
E:Encourage you child to read.
F:Find a quite place for your child to study.
G:Give your child responsibility.
H:Hug your child to build self worth.
I:Include your child in simple family decisions.
J:Join a library with your child.
K:Keep your child on a schedule that includes exercise and sleep.
L:Limit TV Viewing by selecting program with your child.
M:Make the time you spend with your child special.
N:Notice and discuss changes in your child's behavior.
O:Offer to help your child in setting his school books and papers.
P:Provide your child with good role models.
Q:Question the activities you child shares with his friends.
R:Respect your child when he has a different opinion than yours.
S:Share an interest or hobby with your child.
T:Take time to listen to your child.
U:Urge your child to study a little everyday for ahead tests.
V:Visit places of interests with your child.
W:Work with your child to set up rules of behavior.
X:Xerox and keep a record of activities of your child.
Y:Yield results by encouraging your child to do better.
Z:Zoom thru the ABC s again and again..

These are things we all know but maybe never make an attempt to follow them or give it a thought..Maybe we should all do dat and see the difference..:)

Signing off for now...