Tuesday, July 28, 2015

An ode to APJ Kalam

True, I have never met him. I have read his books and somewhere connected to what he said. His quotes are always copied by many in lot of networking sites. 

Yesterday when I heard about him being no more something inside me flipped.

I felt what I feel when we lose someone close. Had a sleepless night almost. What he did for the country, students kept playing in my mind and was amazed once again with the greatness of this humble man. A self made man, who by his learning, virtues and action has lighted so many lives and missions, Words fail to describe what he is to the country.

A very down to earth and lucky person who believed in keeping good byes short and practicing it. Blessed are those people who die doing what they love doing.

Rest in Peace Sir APJ Kalam. The world is going to miss you always and we all hope to follow what you preached and pay tribute to you by making ourselves a better human being.

Friday, July 24, 2015

Some memories

Why is it that we always remember things we wish to forget? I have this nasty habit of remembering birthdays and anniversaries of friends who are no more friends of ours and there are a lot of times that I forget birthdays, anniversaries of people closer to me. 

Some people really mean a lot to us irrespective of them moving on/not in touch we never are able to throw them out or erase their memories. We always live in hope that things may change and how much ever we try, most of the times we still hang on at the same point hoping for them to return.

Is it that we had invested emotionally that they keep haunting us or is it a no attempt from our end? Any relation when it breaks always leaves scars. There are friendships we hoped would last a lifetime, they are people whom we always have held in the highest esteem and when they just leave without offering any explanation or attempts to reconcile or sort, it really hurts.

I always feel differences should be addressed; any relation that’s breaking without proper communication is the worst one. I really hope people would at least make an attempt to talk things before moving on. Talking helps a lot of things resolve.

Wednesday, July 22, 2015

My mind

These days no positive thoughts come in my mind. Don’t know why but I feel this is the low point when nothing good is coming. My mind keeps wandering to all the possible negative scenarios.
I guess this has a lot to do with the free time I get which I used to enjoy earlier and now, with nothing constructive to do I am falling back on the vicious circle of getting negative. I have now decided to bounce back towards positivity. The first step towards it is keeping me engaged.
Small steps lead to giant vision so I have decided to keep a control over my mind and negativity. Now when I get a negative thought I just start walking around my place, read some good books.
Any good suggestions for chick lit, humorous books are welcome.

PS: Why do we get more negative thoughts in the evening or night time?

Thursday, July 16, 2015


There are times when I am ashamed of myself. I feel guilty and stupid to say the least. The other day I was so rude and angry on the kiddo without any major reason that I was yelling, throwing things around for his minor mistakes.
He was quietly listening and bearing all the tantrums without any reason. He didn’t even know the reason and was bearing the brunt. When I was putting him to sleep at night, he just hugged me and said “Smile mom, and I’m sorry won’t repeat the mistakes again”. Tears just started to flow, because I felt so ashamed and guilty that I was venting some other frustration on him, who had no reason deserving.

These are the times when he makes me realize how small I am. Such a beautiful quality they have of being so easily forgiving and not holding grudges. Kids teach us a lot. They observe and understand and have better maturity than we elders have at times.

I really wish to learn from this and never ever repeat this mistake.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015


Some new realizations these days dawn upon me. :)

The latest one being, we should learn to enjoy our own company. Well, to think of it’s not that bad. There are times we might not being alone, but trust me when I had to do so for some time I started enjoying my space .Self analysis really helps, that’s when we come to know about a lot of things about ourselves which for so long had been hidden inside.

I also realized as much as I love to be among people, I also have learnt to be alone and yes, enjoy it too. So many thoughts, so many songs, so many memories keep popping when I sit back. I enjoy them, try to relive them, smile, cry and feel better. Crying always helps you feel better.

Better to be alone than feel being alone amidst people we love the most. That loneliness is very dangerous and hurting.

Just a random thought and a abrupt post.

Thursday, July 02, 2015

Quote 3

“Friendship is not about a big thing, it’s a million little things.”

All said and done nothing beats a happy day without a little chat with friends we love for, care for. The best stress buster is to spend time with friends. They are the only ones who would never judge you right or wrong. They just stand besides you, come what may. They love you unconditionally and fight with you also passionately. Believe me; the fighting is much better than backbiting which people do.

This for all my wonderful friends, who make my life better with their lovely presence and yes, I love you a lot.

This post completes my Quote challenge. Thanks Titli, for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful challenge.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Quote 2

Life is what happens when we keep planning other things".

Yes, a simple statement with the most powerful and best definition of life. We all plan things, imagine and expect life to be in a certain way, without realizing what happens around us.

Take a moment, look around, enjoy what you do, see the colour of skies, the food we eat, breathe, relax. What  we do is the present, this is actual life, not what we think. Thinking is what we want our life to be. Living the moment is something we need to do. Yes planning is important, but living the moment is also.

So the next time you feel like watching the sunrise or sunset, do that without worrying about being late for work, the moments we steal from our schedules is what makes them special. Meet/call a friend instead of fb or watsapp, meet your parents regularly, surprise them with a visit. Make memories. When you grow old, and look back you would have wonderful memories and stories to tell and happiness.