Thursday, June 23, 2016

Rains and more

With rains hitting the city and the temperature dipping down it feels like awesome. Sounds cliched, i know but i love rains. But they do cause chaos now, with school reopened, morning hurries.In such great weather you feel like sleeping a little more. ;) 

Rains bring back great memories to me. We all used to school forward for a holiday  from school and just stay at home and play.The first rains every year are always special as we all used to get drenched. I still miss the college friends and the whale of time we used to have together by walking in the rains getting drenched, enjoying that paani puri and piping hot samosas,wadas, bhajjis with the road side vendor. The combination of getting drenched and savoring on hot food is just lethal. Those were care free days. No worries about tomorrow and falling sick. We had parents around to take care and fall back on.

Leaving you with a wonderful monsoon song, i am humming today.

Thursday, June 09, 2016

Fever, Exam and other things

With school reopen, and getting back to routine time for kiddo. :( Always a little difficult to think that vacations comes to an end. It means routine sets in so does the discipline to do things on time.

Had an external inter school competition which co incided with the school opening, so end of week vacation was about studies and revisions. Didn't make him slog in the vacation, which i felt good about. :) No camps, extra classes yet we enjoyed the vacations. We drew, read story books, went for play dates. Just like old days. More than him, i was happy that he spent his vacations doing nothing. In this times, sometimes spending time doing nothing is an achievement. Most of the times, schedules are choc o bloc and we are always doing something.

By Sunday evening, coming home kiddo was down with a bout of vomiting and fever. This went for the next couple of days. Doctors,medicines, eating them eat khicadi, kadi and likes took away a lot of time. The most difficult thing for parent is to see kiddo sick and lying without being a brat. Trust me it breaks m heart to see him helpless. I am sure all mom's would agree. When they fall sick, they lose weight within a day, and to get them to gain that weight it takes months of trying to get them to eat healthy. So much for being healthy. :(

So how was your weekend??

Thursday, June 02, 2016

An award

Ok there's always a first time, but nothing prepared me for this. An award, after so many years of blogging, for the first time I am beyond words. Something i never thought i would be bestowed with.

Thank you for making time to read this space. When i started it was on a whim, more to share my thoughts. So thank you  C R Ward  for this sweet gesture.

11 random facts about me:

1. I love chit chatting and can talk whole day.

2. I love cooking, its a big stress buster.

3. I love to bing on sweets.

4. I love reading "happy endings" books.

5. I can be paranoid over silly things.

6. I can be upset/angry over silly things.

7. I love going for long walks.

8. I wish i always have the strength to give back to the society.

9. I am a voracious reader and an spend days reading books and listening to music.

10. Buying books is a bog weakness, i love buying books and also more than a few times have never liked what i read.

11. Very Impatient.

Questions for Nominated Bloggers:
1. What’s your favourite television show? 

Sarabhai V/s Sarabhai
2. Do you prefer cats or dogs?  

I am not a pet person.
3. What are your hobbies? 

 Reading,listening to music and writing.
4. Who is/are your favourite author(s)?  Chitra Banerjee, Ruchita Mishra, the list is long.
5. If you could live in another time/place, when/where would it be?  Childhood, back home.
6. What did you want to be when you grew up?  I wanted to do Phd in Literature
7. If you could bring only three things with you to a deserted island, what would they be?  Books,ice creams and more books
8. If you could travel to anywhere in the world, where’s the first place you would go?  Dwarka
9. If you won the lottery, what’s the first thing you would do?  Go for a holiday
10. Do you believe in astrology?  If good yes, bad no :P
11. What’s your favourite kind of music?  Old hindi songs.

My Questions for the nominees:

1. Your favorite Quote:
2. Your favorite topic to write about:
3. Your most irritating habit:
4. Your strength and weakness:
5. Your Favorite food:
6. Where do you see yourself 10 years from now:
7. You favorite author:
8. Likes and dislikes:
9. Best moment of life:
10. Biggest challenge faced till date:
11. Scared of:

I would like to nominate

The Little Princess

Outspoken and True

Gopal's Bookshelf

Books Life and More

Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Cracks in Friendship

A very wonderful message was shared by a friend of mine, thought should share the same. We all wish our friendship should last forever.But we all lose good friends . Some of the reasons could be:

1. Expecting too much from a friend.
2. Misunderstanding everything our friend says.
3. Taking them for granted.
4. Reading between the lines, even when we know it to be otherwise.
5. Trying to bring "Ego" in relations.
6. Ashamed to accept mistakes.
7. Assuming their being busy to throwing attitude.
8. Misunderstanding their non availability to acting pricey.
9. Losing trust and always expecting them to support you even when wrong.
10.Thinking of their advice as lecture.
11. Try to put them down and throw a " I don't care attitude."

It should be difficult to say "sorry", but "ego" always makes things difficult. Leave aside ego and accept mistakes, and even learn to forgive. Friendship doesn't break, its the friends that grow apart.Never let friends grow apart due to silly things.

Feel free to add your thoughts 

Monday, May 30, 2016

The Grand IPL Finale

With more than a month and a half extravaganza the much celebrated cricket mania comes to an end with a equally interesting finals played yesterday. Of course both the teams played great cricket and the team that held their nerves till the end won.The match was equally poised and both the team had their chances.

Most of us were hoping for Bangalore to win after their extra ordinary turn around performances, but i feel they clearly underestimated their opponents.Wrong choice of bowlers in the dearth and too many runs in the end cost them the match. Hyderabad displayed good bowling by not giving away too many runs to Bangalore in spite of Bangalore having top batsmen in their side. Bangalore is too dependent on their top order and that was very prominently seen in their chase as after the top ordered departed they couldn't still take their team to the finish line.

Felt bad for Virat Kohli and was hoping that he would cross the 1000 run mark this season, hard luck he couldn't and yes, hoping that he continues his form for many more years to come. Must have been very difficult to come this close and not win, but simply put Hyderabad played better than them yesterday.

Love you Bangalore and we support you always, win or lose you are still the heroes. The Phoenix who rose and shone.

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Modern day Parenting

I am guilty of a lot of things when it comes to parenting a child. Giving in to their demands is one of them. These days parenting comes with a price. Gone are the days when kids used could be satisfied even by giving permissions to play outdoor till late evenings and allowing them to sleep and wake up as they please.

Modern day parenting comes no cheap like old times. These days kids are smart enough to unlock the cell phones even by observing from a distance. Today parents have to compete with malls, gift shops ,gaming zone etc.With so many distractions around is it easy to keep the kids away from them?? Kids these days prefer gaming to books ( few of us are lucky to be able to fight the PS4 and inculcate the reading habits).

I guess this has to start with parents. If parents inculcate the reading habits and spend time reading books or penning their thoughts, maybe the kids would pick up the same traits. As parent we have to be responsible as to what values/ examples we set. Also maybe not giving in to all the demands of the kids would help. 

Tuesday, May 24, 2016


With summer vacations, coming to an end and school opening round the corner, running around for the parents have started. Coming back to routine for the kids is one challenging task as they get used to having their way around since the past two months.

Now have to start planning the menus for the breakfast, lunch boxes. New books, new friends, new uniforms when i see the twinkle in his eyes talking about them, i get transported to my childhood. We used to be all excited and nervous. (In fact every year i used to make a note to keep all my books neat and well maintained till the end of the year, which somewhere half way would be lots :( )

We unlike, these kids won't get the new text books. We used to carry forward the old ones used by friends/cousins. Lucky few used to get brand new all text books every year. We always liked and used the second hand one.

The fun of June is about to start and i am as excited as my kid and am looking forward for all this year has to offer.