Thursday, 27 February 2014

A quick Hi

I know its a crime to make a resolution and not take it seriously,but somehow i keep postponing my thoughts to pen them down..Theres absolutely no excuse for saying i didn't write...

To sum up,past few days have been crazy and i keep getting entangled in them whether i want it or not...:( yet to even read books which keep piling thanks to the online order i keep placing..;(..Hope i do justice to them soon..and the aerobics classes are doing great..m having fun twisting and turning...:)..Now i hope it gives me some visible results also..:P

Dats all for now...shall come back soon with the review of the books i read..

Thursday, 2 January 2014

2014 Resolutions

Always with a new year comes new expectations and resolutions.Even i make resolutions..some of which i follow,some gets lost in the middle.But then too,without losing hope i would like to make a list of resolution again this year..;) with a new hope that atleast i would fulfill half of them..

Here goes my list:

1  I will update my diary daily...every single day..( i keep skipping writing on some days and the  
    habit stops altogether.

2  I would be more regular in updating my blogs.

3  I would recite Vishnu Shastranamam everyday.

4  I would read more books and not return until i finish them..(between us,i confess sometime i half read the book and return back to the library..:P )

5 I would be regular and serious on my weight loss effort and not give up halfway..

6 I would learn to be more patient and less judgemental.

7 I would talk less and listen more,although its more challenging..;)

8 I would learn to be more at peace with myself.and less hyper.Also not let all the small things affect or disturb me..

9 I would try to incorporate more healthy recipes in the daily diet.

10 Most importantly,try to follow the above mentioned with utmost sincerity..;)

Hope by the end of the year when i take a review i would be happy with the results...atleast, i achieve some of them..

Whats your list??? Make a journal and start working on them...



Monday, 30 December 2013

2013..A year that was..

2013 is coming to an end..making its way for 2014,which everyone wishes and hope to be better and more peaceful than this year.

We all hope that things start with a positive note and life become a little more peaceful and happier.Last year,i too had started with a lot of dreams and expectations from self.Some were fulfilled,some needs attention.

Lifewise,i feel content,at peace with myself with many things to look forward to..personally,i had lost my grandfather(hubbys grandfather),my friends grandfather,who for me was my own grandfather..both of them old,have lived a wholesome life..would always be missed as they were amazing people..My chachu,whose death came as a gonna miss them all always..:(

The year also gave me a chance to be happy as my co-sister gave birth to a cute baby boy..

Socially,the country as a whole i felt sad when Sachin retired from cricket.Along with the nation even i cried as the legend bid adieu to the game...Cricket would never be the same without him..he will thoroughly missed.

Also like millions the legacy of Stalwarts like Pran,Manna dey,Farooque Sheikh,Nelson Mandela..their works speak for their greatness..they have left a void that nobody can fulfill ever..

Kedarnath devastation had and will have a prolonged effect in the lives of the people who have seen the dance of the nature in a cruel way..Its going to disturb all of us and haunt for years to come..

I hope that 2014 brings in more peace and happiness to one and all..:)

As i write this article i also pray for the recovery of Micheal schumacher whos battling for his life...hope he comes back hale and hearty.



Monday, 9 December 2013

Books..Hard V/s the electronic form..

Reading is a passion for me..It started as a step towards developing a good habit and sounding a little knowledgeable.;) but with time it started becoming something more than it.Wherever i go,i carry books in my bag.

"Books are real friends,they never leave your side thick and thin,they dont judge you for your behavior"..i completely agree to that.Nowadays with the entry of e books reading has become more easy.They can be read anywhere and everywhere.Gone are the days when people use to carry books in their bags while travelling,now its just a click away..(i still carry hard copies whenever i travel..:) )

But are E books as good as the hard copies??? I mean the smell of a hard copy still makes me feel alive..:). Although in terms of space e books are way easy to handle.But Hard copy can be kept with us forever..we can read it as and when we want.E books requires compatibility and always needs to be charged to read.Hard copy has no such requirements..

Anyways,reading i guess matters more at the end of the day,whichever form it maybe in.So wats your pick????????

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Open up..

Funny but true,the most simple things in life are so difficult to follow..:) Its always easy to say things which are commonly known to all but followed by a handful of us..We all know the importance of diet and drinking water in everyday life,but we never follow them.

We all know the importance of exercise and fitness but we tend to ignore them always and when our health starts reacting by not being co operative we shall thinking of y we didn't take precaution.We all know and advise others on almost all the matters of life,but when we personally go through it we always crib and forget the advise we gave.

Today's world is full of stress,tensions,negativity,wrong food habits but a little care and a little time to think about these things would make life so easy.Hey,im no preacher but just want u all to be happy and stress just talk,share and a little discipline your life would be wonderful..:)

And yes open up like the jingle says its a wonderful feeling..:)

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Losing my own self

For the past few days,i have been pondering over the fact that where have i lost myself???? The person i was a year back is not the same anymore. for starters i have stopped making any effort to lose weight and am back to my old surprises me no end that i was following a routine and discipline a year back and today the same thing i find difficult to do.

I know and understand that its a mind over heart game..but somewhere im lacking something that would make me more determined and focused on the set goals..somewhere i have lost track and i am still not making efforts to come back.

The reason i am writing this as a post has more to do with me than others...maybe some comments or some thoughts or some scribblings my friends or peers write would may be help me regain my track...

Monday, 25 November 2013

Y are Moms so Emotional??????

The other day was Rudras annual day (which they call as "VIVA). Was a very mesmerizing event to sum it up in one word. I was amazed and proud with the exposure the new generation kids are getting.No stage fear,no nervous expressions.

Coming back to the topic i was wondering Y do i get so emotional when rudra's on the stage or have achieved something????? I thought it was a problem with me but yesterday i saw a lot of moms wiping their eyes when their kids did well on the stage,danced well or just waved to them..:) 

Not that Rudra was on stage for a very first time.Hes danced even when he was in playgroup (the only time on stage he cried when he failed to find me in the sea of people gathered there) and Nursery,by when his stage fear was reduced by a large extent.Even den my eyes used to well up,i used to be emotional when he was on the stage performing.Now i feel its more to do with the mothers instinct,a feeling of pride and happiness that makes her more senti..or maybe the fact that the tiny tot which she held in her hand seems like yesterday who's now on his own performing,growing bigger and independent.

What do you think???