Thursday, July 02, 2015

Quote 3

“Friendship is not about a big thing, it’s a million little things.”

All said and done nothing beats a happy day without a little chat with friends we love for, care for. The best stress buster is to spend time with friends. They are the only ones who would never judge you right or wrong. They just stand besides you, come what may. They love you unconditionally and fight with you also passionately. Believe me; the fighting is much better than backbiting which people do.

This for all my wonderful friends, who make my life better with their lovely presence and yes, I love you a lot.

This post completes my Quote challenge. Thanks Titli, for allowing me to be a part of this wonderful challenge.

Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Quote 2

"Life is what happens when we keep planning other things".

Yes, a simple statement with the most powerful and best definition of life. We all plan things, imagine and expect life to be in a certain way, without realizing what happens around us.

Take a moment, look around, enjoy what you do, see the colour of skies, the food we eat, breathe, relax. What  we do is the present, this is actual life, not what we think. Thinking is what we want our life to be. Living the moment is something we need to do. Yes planning is important, but living the moment is also.

So the next time you feel like watching the sunrise or sunset, do that without worrying about being late for work, the moments we steal from our schedules is what makes them special. Meet/call a friend instead of fb or watsapp, meet your parents regularly, surprise them with a visit. Make memories. When you grow old, and look back you would have wonderful memories and stories to tell and happiness. 

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Quote Challenge Day 1 of 3

Day 1 of the challenge and my most favorite quote :


This one is dedicated to friends whom we lost touch with our friends with whom the differences were so high that it was time to move on.

I have friends with whom I regret not having the same equation now as it was. With time, silly tiffs the distance just crept in and things were never the same. I had most wonderful times and memories with them, but can do very little about getting back the relation. As they say, relations once broken can never be mended. 

Not that we didn't attempt but sometimes it’s best to just let go, as the person you wish to be friends with have already moved on and do not wish to be a part of your life anymore.

Always very hurting as we actually never move on and wait there for the person to come back which never happens. For those wonderful people, I just would like to say thank you, for being a part of my life although for some time, but I will always miss and cherish the memories you gave me. I sincerely hoop and pray for all the best things in life for you, forever.

Thanks titli, for nominating me and allowing me to pen in this challenge. You are a rock star always with amazing writing ability, from the heart and touch hearts.

Monday, June 29, 2015

Children of today

Children these days are becoming like machines. Having to learn so many things, irrespective of whether they want to learn or not. With Cut throat competitions all around and the craze in parents to master their kids in so many things, they surely are deprived of their childhood.

They don't know the fun of going out and play, till they drop. Play for them means a game in play-station, cell phone or tablet. Physical activities don’t exist for them. They go by bus or car to school and back. They don't know what walking is, running is, getting hurt and growing up is. They have friends with whom they chat in Face book and watsapp but not face to face.

Somewhere i as a parent feel that we are responsible for what they are. We should give them the space and the freedom. Remember our own childhood???? All care free and fun.

Yes, it’s good to enroll kids in various activities and encourage them to learn different skills. But not for the sake of winning. I like my kid participating but, not for the sake of winning, but for the sake of experience. For him, to build his confidence and know what he is capable of. Yes, but i would also like him to do things of his choice, be happy and play till he drops. But thanks, to nuclear family and apartments, he never finds anyone his age group to play with. So to give him his everyday of physical activities i feel it’s good to enroll them in outdoor sports.

Thursday, June 25, 2015


Media these days survive on one news for weeks. Too much of dissections and so much permutations and combinations they discuss. The other day when a celebrity was going to be arrested on his pending case, they made a hue and cry about the minutest details of the news.

Starting from him leaving his house to night he came back on bail, they covered the entire thing!!!  As of that was the only news. So many ifs and buts were discussed. I felt they overdo it. I feel, sometimes celebrities must be given some space. Like who’s bothered who’s going with whom for dinner ? Or who wants to get married when? Or what’s happening in their personal space. I mean if they want to share let them speak instead of being forced to.

Too much of evading these days, a certain distance and space should be accepted and respected by the media. They should know where to draw a line. These days we too are becoming paparazzi.

So many other things need attentions like the promises made by the parties, can the media remind them by repeating so that some concrete actions are taken instead of just being promised. I wonder why celebrities are given so much importance when they act so pricey??

Its time I feel we do some good journalism and work on making India a better country.

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Child/God - Ketan Bhagat. My review


"God comes in every house in the form of a child."
Naked, helpless and ignorant, newborns arrive happy. Full of smiles and love, every child in unique and perfect. Their well-dressed, independent and educated parents are frustrated and bitter. All adults are the same. Imperfect. Yet, grown-ups teach children. The stressed mentor the stress-free. The unhappy correct the happy. The confused guide the wise. Welcome the world of Raghav Malhotra - a typical MNC drone. Haunted by a guilty past, our common man struggles to serve a thankless spouse, a condescending family and a ruthless boss. Inevitably, Raghav's life collapses like a house of cards. Violence, whores, alcohol and drugs follow. Till God arrives himself. You've read many stories about motherhood transforming a woman. Now, follow Raghav on his self-enlightenment journey through the joys of fatherhood. Child/God is a riveting story of thirty-five-year-old disciple learning the meaning of life from his six-month-old-guru. Discover how Raghav's living God transforms his life - and yours.

My review:
Out of sheer curiosity, I picked up the book and I feel good that I wasn’t wrong I picking this. It’s a great tale and maybe for the first time has parenthood been discussed from a fathers point of view. It’s refreshing to know how much and whom all can a child influence.
Child always is known to have a drastic change in a mother’s life. We all know that. This book tells about how a father feels about a child. Interesting precept to see the world through child’s eyes.
Very fluent narration and even for once you won’t feel bored or not connected to the story. Somewhere I even felt it as a story of the author and his brother too. Thanks to their sharing the same passion for writing. It sounds like his family story. No I’m not saying in a negative way.Loved the way the author has spoken about fatherhood and weaved this story.From being a carefree person to a responsible father the transition is amazing and anyone can connect to it.
I would recommend all to read this .I’m sure you all would connect to the story and the drama that is a part of our life too.
I would rate this book 4/5 for the plot and writing. Hats off  to the author for attempting this.

Friday, June 12, 2015

Random thoughts

How are people so multi talented? How do they create beautiful things?
How’s snaps clicked to perfection by photographer?
What makes Madhuri Dixit’s smile so beautiful?
Why are some people so rude?
What do rich people do with so much money?
What defines success?
What makes life beautiful?
Why are simple things difficult to do?
How do people follow routine religiously for years?
How to people pen their thoughts so efficiently?
Why do kids love what others get in lunchbox? This goes for elders too. :P
Why is food more tastier when it's less?
Why is that we value things only after losing it?

These are some thoughts that keep peeping on and off on my head..I try to find answers . What are your thoughts?