Sunday, March 01, 2015

Reviewing books

I know these days i don't write much about other stuff,the thing being i just realized that i read a lot of books and never spare a thought to write what i felt about the book,characters,story.

So as usual when i was browsing i saw people make an effort to write about what they feel about the book so that it helps others who would want to pick the book after reading some reviews.I myself have always got help before picking up a new one.Not that i completely agree that "to each his own" but yes we all like to know what the general opinion is before we start reading.

Henceforth,i have decided to incorporate my thoughts on the books i read in my blog.This way i frequently write and maybe help someone pick books and read.

Hoping to enjoy this journey of reviewing books.

Enjoy,laugh and take care


Saturday, February 28, 2015

Book Review:Shopoholic to the stars..Sophie Kinsella.

Summary of the Book
Becky Brandon’s eyes are starry, mostly from her fascination with bigshot celebrities. She journeys to LA to be with her husband Luke, with her daughter Minnie in tow. There, in the land of multi-million dollar yoga retreats, herbal drinks and celebrities by the dozens, she finds a new dream. Her husband’s client is the famous actress Sage Seymour. Becky is determined to become Sage’s personal stylist, and she dreams of becoming the stylist of every major celebrity in the city. However, when Becky begins to work for Sage’s archrival, things get heated up in her household. Can Luke deal with this conflict? And can Becky keep her relationship and her career balanced?

My View:

I love chick lit novels..I love reading them when i am stressed or in a foul mood.They lit me up and put a smile on my face.I have been a Becky fan since i read the first of the shopaholic series.. I like the previous editions where in becky is adorable.I was very excited when i got this book and was hoping for a fun read but the book doesn't live up to the expectations.Now the character is bordering in being selfish,ruthless and self centered..The naive ness and the easy going Becky is lost somewhere.Very unlike what she was in the past books.

I would rate this book as 2.5/5.But i feel now it should be ended nicely without further extensions,its only ruining Becky and Sophie's Image.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Book Review:You are the password of my life by Sudeep Nagarkar

Summary of the Book
You’re the Password to My Life is the heartwarming story of Virat and Kavya. Although both of them do not share common interests and have starkly different personalities, Virat and Kavya are best friends. While Virat is reserved and shy, Kavya likes to live on the edge and take chances in life. But when they have to deal with an unforeseen incident, their friendship is put the ultimate test. Will Kavya and Virat continue to remain best pals or will this spell the end of an amazing relationship?

Recently,i managed to read this book out of sheer curiosity..This book whenever,i checked was unavailable in the library.Despite repeated attempts i was unable to lay hands on any books of the said author.

I read a lot of reviews about his books and was impressed with the number of people speaking positively.I always have a soft corner for the Indian Authors and i tend to pick up their books very frequently..:)

Coming back to the book,its a very simple story about two friends,who have been together through thick and thin.Its a modern take on friendship,love and trust.I liked the way it was handled.Although the angle is common the way it is handled deserves a mention.Not a common love story where in the guy ignores his "best friend" as soon as he gets a girlfriend or the friends fall in love like typical " ek ladka aur ladki dost nahi ho sakte kinds.." The twists are very unexpected like not very predictable and kudos to the author for handling the common tale in a little different way.

Its a breezy read,with some high emotions towards the end and u would almost feel you knew this guy as your friend by the end of the story.

I would rate it 2.5/5..

I would like to read his other books now.. i hope they are as good as this..

My next pick is Sita's sister by Kavita Kane..Shall write soon about i feel about this..

Till then,enjoy,read and laugh


Wednesday, February 25, 2015

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Sunday, February 15, 2015

India Pakistan

So with the World Cup kick starting and a big match for India rather the welcome match for India being the biggest of all..playing arch rivals Pakistan.A cracker of match and with so much hype around i really pity the players.As if the World Cup is not enough we have to open our account against Pakistan.

Funnily,everybody says we lose the world cup is fine but a lose against Pakistan..unforgivable..As if the players play for losing not winning..People tend to forget this is a game and not a war..a team would would lose.People should think that everyone wants to win but at the end of the day only one team wins.Just want people to accept that and a little more accommodating..

The other day,a wrong decision caused James Taylor lose his maiden hundred in WC by a whisker.Too bad that the umpires these days also don't know the rules.

Leaving you all now with the match..May the best team win..And YES,i very much want INDIA to win


PS:  Yaay we won as usual..Great team performance and good captaincy..

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Reviews:Rajesh Khanna: The untold story of India's first superstar

The other day while newspaper,i read a small part of the biography of India's First Superstar and loved the article which was the extract from the book.Curiousity got better of me and i ordered the book from the library and couldn't put it down till i finished.The book was written after his death and it captured his life very nicely.

As a actor,Rajesh Khannas success speaks volumes about his talent.But as a human,there are many shades to this great actor,mostly defined as "unpredictable" by his peers.

The book very beautifully captures the life's and times of Rajesh Khanna..Yes,very honestly written  about the humane side of the actor who had a major inferiority complex and insecurity which destructed his career and him as a person to a large extent..But i guess by and large all the superstars go through this "phase" only some stories come out and some remain buried..

It covers the good the bad the ugly facets of a human personality..Makes us believe that superstars are also Human and they too make mistakes.

Signing off for now


Monday, February 09, 2015

To,one of the best part of my life...

You came..You saw.You conquered..We started living for you..more than us..We forgot that we even had a life before you.It seems our lives are centered only around you..

You have taken over all the attention..u make us feel complete..Now,we live only for you..Your smile is the best thing in our day and life.Taking care of you is the only priority.Not that we are are the best thing happened to us..

You make us happy,proud and your unconditional love makes us feel content.So on this special day i want to wish you a Very Happy Birthday Son and thank you for all the precious moments and happiness you gave me as being your mom..

May God bless you with great health,peace,prosperity and all the good luck.May god give you even my share of life and Happiness...

Love you R

Signing off for now..