Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Moving to new place

There was a time when I used to be a true blue Mumbaikar and couldn't think of a life beyond that. Never in my wildest dreams had I ever thought that I would move out of the city.
When we came to this city, we never felt good. With no friends, relatives and no one to go to we felt very lonely. Almost at every given opportunity we used to run back home and with a sad face come back. Slowly we started settling down, looking around and realized there’s life here too and we can survive outside our comfort zone too. Today, when I look back I feel happy we took our chances, moved out and stayed back.

There’s life outside our comfort zone too, we should give it a chance and I’m sure things will fall in place. We get to spend quality time with family, know each other better. Life in Mumbai is still thrilling; I miss that but now im content going there for a vacation and look at the life there like an outsider too.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Life as such

With mom dad around, time flies quickly. I am trying to learn making vadams, pickles etc. Kiddo also having great time fooling around them. There’s some magic in maa ke haath ka khaana. Even a dal, tastes so different when she makes.

Lucky are people whose parents stay close by and have the access to mom made food everyday or frequently.  But I guess we never realize the value of what we have when we get that in abundance. When I used to stay close by I never realized I would miss mom cooking so much. It’s when I moved out of Mumbai I started missing life there. I used to meet my friends every day, but now getting to talk to them on phone becomes difficult sometimes.

From this I have learnt one thing, enjoy the present and leave the worries for later. Today when I look back at those wonderful times spent with friends I feel content and lucky I could get those times with them. I have “Memories” and that makes me rich and yes, I do have those friends who gave me so much to cherish.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

Life these days

Life these days have become mechanical, practical and very unpredictable. Gone are the days when people used to come home at 5 in the evening and have time to spend time with kids and have dinners with families. Now mobile and TV remotes are our companions for dinners.

When we were kids, dad used to always come home at 6.40 pm every day.Yes every single day when we used to play down mostly all kids dad used to be home at around 7-7.30. By the time we kids reach home they used to be home. They use to help us with Homework, play with us etc. We used to look forward for the family dinner, where all members sit as a family and mom serve.

In today's time, kids don't know what time parents come back,dinners are with cell phone or TV. Spending time with parents is going to mall and shopping . Family dinners/lunches means eating out or ordering in. Somewhere the fun of being as a family is lost. If by chance,we get to spend that time also, our phones keep disturbing and commanding attention.

What's your thought on this???? Do write back would love to hear.

Friday, May 08, 2015

Being Salman

Being a celebrity isn't easy. Has its own pros n cons. The media today went berserk covering Salman Khan. Yes, after 13 long years, he's found to be guilty and convicted with a sentence.

The whole Bollywood came in his support,including some people with weird and insensitive comments. The only thing I wonder is why is no one talking of the person who lost his life??  What about the person injured? How's he surviving ? Doesn't poor people qualify as human beings?

I love Salman and am big fan of him but as a role model today he disappointed me. I would have been more proud if he would have owned up. He would have stood tall in nations eyes.

Salman has been a great philanthropist but that doesn't justify the accident. Sad to see media running and telecasting the same news for the whole day as if nothing else matters.

Its not about rich and poor, its about "Being Human".

Thursday, May 07, 2015

Mothers day

A long post, dedicated to moms:

So many stories have been written for mothers. The single person, who stands by you in all situations. Mom, she’s the only one who never judges us. Always smiling and supporting us, protecting from the world and even dads. J Who never lets us sleep empty stomach and even if she doesn't buy things for herself, she miraculously fulfills our demands putting aside hers.
I always have a love hate relationship with my mom. I, always being dad’s little girl always ought to find support and strength in him. Mom always came second until marriage happened. She used to always try to discipline me, teach me household chores, cooking and managing things which I never fancied. I wanted to go out and play and she used to ask me to help her out.
After marriage, I started valuing her more. When I had to manage home, cooking etc I understood the value of what she taught and why she wanted me to learn these things. I started understanding and valuing her more. Not a word against me by anyone could she tolerate. Such was her love, unconditional.
When, I was pregnant she was always around me ,looking after me ,taking me for checkups, going for walks, in spite of all the work she already had. She had been patient with me always.
The best during my pregnancy, when I wanted a caesarean and the doctor saying that I could have a normal delivery. She sat with me whole day, listening to my cribbing, temper tantrums. She told the doctor to go for normal and was saying me that he would take me in for operation shortly. She bore it all, all for my health in long run. I fought with her for making me suffer and not convincing the doctor otherwise.
After being a mother myself I started valuing her more and understanding her more. She used to be always around when needed, taking care of me n kiddo. Her world revolved around us then for that time. I cannot put in words the multitasking she has done in that time without a word of crib. Although, she always had sacrificed her sleep, rest she never complained.
Raising a kid is not easy; I realized this after being a mom myself. When kiddo tests my patience, I realize how much testing times I myself must have given her.

Only one day dedicated to her is not enough. Everyday should be celebrated as mom’s day. It’s time for us to repay whatever little we can by doing something special for her. I know any material gifts won’t make her happy than time spent with her chatting. With her kids around, any mother feels special and that day is “Mothers Day” for her.

Wednesday, May 06, 2015

About me.

The other day I was registering myself, wherein there was a section “About me”. I sat still as to how to define myself in some words. There are so many things about me that I know and so many I am sure I would realize with passing time. Some things I love to define myself are:

Books: I love reading books. I can never get bored of them. They make me feel happy and transport me to some magical world. When I read, I get involved in the characters and go with the flow. There are times I have cooked and ate with books, without realizing what’s around me. I breathe, live and sleep books.

Cooking: It’s my creative space. It is something that helps me create something new. I love experimenting and trying new recipes. The icing on the cake being when it’s a success and finished happily. I browse through recipes and try to cook with some modifications. There are times when recipes flop, but that hasn't deterred me from trying.

Laughing: I love laughing at the silliest jokes.

I get emotional very soon. But on a repulse I get practical also very soon. Extreme but true.

Walking: I love walking. Going for long walks and enjoying some quiet time with nature makes me fresh and happy.

Music: I love listening to, singing and dancing to music. They make me happy. I have songs for all moods.

I am a morning and evening person. I love getting up early in the mornings, at the same time I love chit chatting with friends all through nights. Bliss. :)

These days reading spiritual and meditating has also caught my interest.

Watching watched movies again and again also is me.

What about you?

Would love to hear your “About me”

Tuesday, May 05, 2015

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