Q- Quitting A-Z Challenge 2017

One of the sad things these days we get to see is quitting or giving up before even trying doing things. These days quitting or leaving things mid-way sounds more feasible than standing back and waiting for things to fall in place.
Be it relations or life nowadays we want everything instant. The moment things don’t go our way in the first attempt we start looking for options. Not everything will be as per our desire; sometimes facing difficult times, situations and staying calm is also required. Things go wrong all the time, quitting is never an answer. There will be more chances in life, be it exams, be it relations you would get a chance to do things again. Failures are stepping stones to success remember? So remember even if you have a failed exam or a marriage just face it chin up and whenever you get another chance try again harder. Success comes to those who wait.

 Life changes every moment and quitting is never a respected option.

Parenting and Over Parenting A-Z Challenge 2017

There’s a very dim line between both. A little more and we won’t even realize when we crossed the threshold and started controlling and over parenting .A child needs an exposure of good and bad, failures and success to become a better person. A lack of any is not great.
Like in foods we need salt and sugar; in life too we need the experiences of good and bad for our development. Good teaches us to work hard, stay motivated and be active towards our goals in life. Bad teaches us about how life is always not fair, how we need to experience pain to gain something.
The role of failure is as important as success in shaping a child. If we keep our child protected and secured by not allowing them to make choices or fall, how will they value the good things? How will they learn to make decisions and stand by them?
Suicide rates these days are alarming as children these days are not known to failure. Since all their demands are always fulfilled,they never know what rejection means, so when they f…

Over protection A-Z Challenge 2017

These days we have a habit of overdoing things. Too many choices are presented. I mean, as a parent we many a times over do. I know with so many kidnapping and rape cases on a rise and so many bad things we keep hearing it’s only fair to try to protect, but sometimes letting go and allowing the kids to decide helps. Making them aware of the facts and teaching them how to protect them would help.
One they learn to make decisions and the consequences that come with their choice, two they learn to be independent and strong. We might always not be there to help, guide and save them. They need to be taught to spread their wings and fly. Maybe they would falter few times, but we are there to support them and help instill confidence and fly again.

N- No A-Z Challenge 2017

Saying no without being rude is a tact we all need to learn these days. I mean we should always help each other etc is true and a fact but these days people use and throw people like tissues so being able to say no when we feel we have done our best and are really unable to do more.

There's nothing wrong in saying no. There are times we need to be firm, be it with friends or kids throwing tantrums. All I would say is do it guilt free. This would help kids accept rejection.

M- Money A-Z Challenge 2017

These days, money is the new God. The only thing that defines most of the things these days. Sad but true. These days even relationships are based on this factor.
We all know the importance of money. The level of success is decided on what you earn. Money can buy you everything but not respect and love. I believe that completely. Money should not be the parameter for any relation.
Earlier it used to be " Relations for ever and money for convenience" now that has reversed.  Now we use relations and treasure money. I fail to understand how money can replace or calculate the amount of satisfaction you get when you are with people you love, respect and care for and vice versa.

Money can buy friends dinner/ drink but not friends. Money can buy parents the best house, luxuries etc but not parents love,respect and acceptance.  Money can buy kids the best toys, foods and vacations but not their unconditional love and respect.

L- Love A-Z Challenge 2017

The most important thing anyone needs in life i feel is love and respect. Love needs to be pure and true rather than successful or unsuccessful. Love never ends, forms of love changes with age and years of togetherness. There are so many colors of love.
Being deeply loved gives you strength, and loving someone with an unknown intensity becomes wings to fly. Also our courage to reach out for our goals and dreams.
Sometimes, letting go is also love. Not being able to be with loved ones and still care and pray for them is also love.

K- Kids A-Z Challenge 2017

The most important part of any couples life. Not all believe in having kids. A debatable thought as is having one kid or more? But they are the best extensions of us i feel. They can be a replica of us or even opposite of what we used to be. But they are the best gifts of God.
Its amazing how much life changes, the moment we get to know of this wonderful gift. So many adjustments, compromises, giving up of favorite things, but everything seems worthwhile when we see the bundle of joy smiling. All efforts cease.
Bringing up a kid, is a challenge all parents face. To each its own. There's no parameters. Each child is defines by his own abilities. The mistake we all sometimes  make is to judge using the same yardstick. For me, i might not be able to give him the best of everything but a little good of all things. Making the child a better human being and allow him to make the right choices, support him when he falls and unconditional love is all i wish to be able to do.

Rest is destiny.