Thursday, December 11, 2014

This years Viva

That time of the year wherein kids enjoy the most.Their annual day time.Nowadays its called "VIVA" for their school..As last year,this year also it was a grand event and a very wonderfully organized one.The efforts and the practice to put up such a nice show had to be seen to believe.

The amount of exposure kids get through this is huge.This year we noticed even the Playgroup kids didn't require the teacher to dance down the stage.They remembered their steps well and the execution was superb.Hats off the Gen Y kids who learns things so fast and the best part was no stage fear.I couldnt see a single kiddo crying on the stage...:)

The Sr Kg kids performed to a skit.Oh and by the way the theme for this year was Good v/s Evil and the skits revolved around this..Kids did a great job with the microphone mikes,not getting distracted and performing their dialogues to the T.

At one point,some performers came with a single mike on stage and were sharing as and when the other had to say,without having to remind them to do that..Sharing is caring is what i learn t that day. 

Signing off for now..

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

An Update

Thanks to my wonderful Brother my blog has been tidied a little making it a little more user friendly.Not that many people visit my blog..but still a little more discipline helps,right?

I have been thinking about a food blog for a long time now,and now hope to make happen soon.For that now need to experiment more with recipes and click snaps and mainly write about it..

Hoping for the best...

Signing off for now


Monday, December 01, 2014

Kids and Outdoor activities

Kids today are spoilt for choices..Outdoor activities have become a rare thing these days,all they know is curling up the sofa with a cell phone in hand or a video game on the TV.That's "play time for them". I myself,despise the fact that there is no playing space for the kids.

Gone are the days when parents encouraged kids to go out and play games.TV was a luxury then.With only Doordarshan and DD 2 being the available two channels the choices and the time frame spent in front of TV was limited.Now we have channels more than we can watch.We used to have cartoons only on weekends,nwadays its being aired always.The same old thing repeated till boredom sets in..

Yes,and lack of space for playing,thanks to lots of constructions happening makes it even more difficult.Add to that working parents who put their kids in daycare makes it more difficult to make friends and explore the fun of playing.

But all said and done,i still feel kids should go out and play and learn the fun of falling down and we did.

Signing off for now..


Sunday, November 16, 2014

Diwali ke after effects

Its been almost a month the festival of lights ended....but still the hangover of laze was still there...Thousands of thoughts cross my mind every day but nothing comes on paper..

Every day i think of blogging my thoughts on some issues  and as everyday ends,it still remains in my thoughts only..Today,i decided i would not be lazy and yes,im actually writing.Not that a lot of people follow me or miss me..;) but still i feel i should make an attempt to share what i feel at the point of time i write..

There are so many things we hear about,feel about but never write about it...Ok enough about me sounding like a award winner..;P

Signing off for now and i hope i keep up the promise of writing about things i feel..

Wish me luck


Thursday, October 16, 2014

Kishore Da..the magical voice

The day started as usual with the alarm clock buzzing and reminding me to come from the world of dreams to earth..Groggy,half asleep i got up and don't know why started   humming a Kishore da melody..His songs were the first thing that came in my mind that day (normally,the only things that comes to my mind is what to cook and how to convince Little R to get ready without throwing a Tantrum.

Much Later i realized about the death anniversary of the most versatile actor the country has ever seen:The magical Kishore Kumar.He was an enigma,the most charismatic personality i have ever seen,and the other is  Farhan Akhtar..God what talent some people are gifted with.I really feel they are the most blessed people who can multitask and with so much perfection and grace.How else can you describe a single person,who can sing,dance,play instruments,act all with equal conviction at the same time..

He was the voice for so many actors.He was a man of many moods..his songs can make you laugh,cry,smile.He can make you feel alive with his voice.To pick up one song from his collection is like selecting the best memories of life (there always will be another one which would be better) Leave one,i cannot even commemorate 10 best songs,for me all the songs are gems which makes him the voice he is..

Kishore da... You are and will always be missed..The void you created is impossible to be filled.Thank you for making us smile,laugh hum and live life.Your voice makes it all more worthy..

Chalte chalte mere yeh geet yaad rakhna...Kabhi Alwida na kehena Kabhi Alwida na kehena...Rote Haste bas yuhi tum Gungunate rehena ....



Tuesday, October 14, 2014

A quickie

Lots have been happening since Narendra Modi became the Prime Minister of India.Atleast,lots of promises are made.I really hope he makes India the country we all wish for,strong,secure and safe.The latest one being the Swacha Bharat Abhiyaan.
Cleanliness of the country,or the place we live in is a basic civic,but don't know why we need to be always reminded about it.This is what we have been taught in schools too but as we grow somewhere the basic duties also we forget.Thank You Modiji for reminding and creating an awareness.I really hope that as time passes memory of people doesn't fade like it happens always and we all stand by the steps taken and follow.

I am not much good in understanding the politics games and the rules of the same.This is something that made me wonder so thought of writing about it.

New movies released,festive season in full swing,lots of online shopping offers.Nowadays,the TV is bombarding with the same ads with different celebs, marketing at its best..
Cant think of anything more so signing off for now...



Monday, October 13, 2014

Which Board to choose from

SSC,CBSE,ICSE and IB are some of the trending boards in India.

Choosing a board most suitable for the child is no mean task.Trust me when i say that most of the parents are confused as to which board to choose.There are 4 boards namely:

CBSE: Central Board of Secondary Education.

ICSE:Indian Certificate in Secondary Education.

IB:International Baccalaureate and our very own 

SSC: State Boards.

A common misconception is that CBSE  and ICSE are similar to State Boards.CBSE is an education board but ICSE is a certificate offered after completion of the course and it is not a board.Still ICSE Board is commonly used to mention this course.

Secondary School Certificate,commonly known as SSC is a public examination taken by the students of Maharashtra,Madhya Pradesh,Gujarat,Andhra Pradesh and Goa in India,Bangladesh and Pakistan,after successfully completing at least  ten years of schooling.It is followed by Higher Secondary (School) Certificate (HSC). SSC is an equivalent to GCSE in England.

State Boards are comparatively limited in content and subjects as compared to other boards.The syllabus is easier and hence less stressful to the students.These schools being state centric are excellent for parents planning to stay in the same state for life.The State Language is compulsory.As the concepts are generally lagging the kids have been given external coaching,if planning for IIT,CAT and other competitive exams.These Schools are great for kids who are focused on extracurricular activities like sports etc.


Central Board of Secondary Education:Also known as CBSE Board.It prepares syllabus for students upto class 12.The curriculum is set by National Council of Educational Researchand Training (NCERT). The board conducts India's two nation wide board examinations: The All India Secondary School Examination for Class 10 and All India Senior School Certificate Examination for Class 12.

Many Schools are affiliated to CBSE syllabus.All Major cities have CBSE schools,hence easy to move around in the country.The curriculum is very good when it comes to general knowledge and general subjects.It allows the kids to experience subjects without going deep into them thus helping them to choose the focus after 10th.This board prepares kids for competitive exams like IIT,CAT,IIM and all entrance exams which are held at National level and it gives better chances for appearing for Armed Forces Exams,NDA,IAS,IFS,IPS etc.The Schools also focus a lot on extra curricular activities.Most of which are compulsory assuring an overall growth of the child.One disadvantage is the length of the syllabus..its very vast.


Short form for Indian Certificate in Secondary Education.It was established by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate.The council conducts exams an all India exam for class 10th called ICSE(Indian Certificate for Secondary Education) and for class 12 called the Indian School Certificate (ISC).

The ICSE follows the basics strengthening syllabus.All the introduction is repeated and then quadratic questions are handled.Even questions are based on the basics.This makes the basics of the topics very strong.This helps the student with a lot of confidence when higher studies are involved.As his basics are strong,half the battle is won.There is a lot of focus on Language and Literature.So good for kids wanting to make a career which involves writing,debating,reading,talking,arguing,surveying,historians,geologists etc.This curriculum is very good when it comes to General Knowledge and General subjects but is unnecessarily vast.

The board is also good for competitive exams like IIT,IIM,CAT,All India Entrance exams,but needs extra time and coaching.Even Armed Forces exams can be appeared after this Board.ICSE syllabus is extremely important for students who prefer higher education abroad.Exams like GRE, TOEFL and GMAT have a lot of verbal ability testing.Its also excellent for those who are migrating from abroad as the curriculum is closer to International Board.One important distinguishing feature in ICSE syllabus is the importance given to projects.Projects are very important and they form the basis of marking scheme in the performance of the student.This makes the student extremely active and improves his thinking ability.

IB Board:

This board is excellent for kids whose parents are globe totters as it enables the kids to get admission into any IB School across the world.There are very few students in each batch thus ensures quality focus on each child.The syllabus is taught in the most interesting and interactive way with the best of the equipments.The overall atmosphere of the school is international,with kids taking teachers as their equals.However,such schools can be extremely expensive.

What we have attempted here is to give a non biased analysis of each schools.However,each board has its own merits and demerits.The choice is yours to see what suits your child the best..

Hope its useful for all mommies and would be mommies..

Signing off