Thursday, October 01, 2015

My review: Curse of Surya by Dev Prasad


A race against time to find a jewel lost 5000 years ago. Sangeeta Rao, a beautiful, feisty anchor at Channel 7 TV in Singapore, rushes to Agra on a special assignment after an early-morning phone call. At the Taj Mahal, she meets Alan Davies, a charming Welshman. But a terrorist attack at Mathura's Krishna temple turns them into fugitives from justice, and the duo must decipher a series of complex cryptographs and unearth the illustrious Indian jewel Shyamantaka that belonged to Surya, the Sun God, to prove their innocence. Before she realizes it, Sangeeta finds herself trapped in a world of betrayal, deceit and horror. Fast paced and gripping, The Curse of Surya keeps you hooked and on the edge of your seat while you unravel one of the biggest mysteries in 5000 years.

My Review:
Set against the backdrop of mythology, this is one of the best mystery books I have read in recent times. The synopsis was enough to get my attention. Never had explored this genre much, but was stumped when I started reading it. I finished wanting for more.

The book is an absolute page turner with good twists and turns which keeps you at the edge of the seat till the end. I loved the way the clues were left, very cryptic and very mysterious. The book talks about the journey of three people from different countries and cultures and how they end up unearthing the Shyamantaka and the difficulties they face in fulfilling their mission forms the gist of the story. Also the backdrop of Krishna and the era in which he ruled forms an interesting read. Perfect combination.

Although the plot is complex, the writing is simple for all to understand and go with the flow. The writer deserves a special mention for the way he handled the story without losing the plot and the versions of Sanskrit very nicely cracked.

I would recommend this to all who love to know about our culture and love reading fast paced book. Take a bow Mr  Dev Prasad. Looking  forward for more such gems from you.

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Observations about Parents

Parents keeping track in a child’s progress is normal. But, comparing our child’s progress to others is something that disturbs me the most. We all want our kids to do well, but I feel all the kids are different from others. We all know and agree to that but when it comes to comparing marks we conveniently forget that and this comparisons give nothing but unnecessary pressures to the kids and disappointment to us.

There’s always going to be someone better than our kids. We need not fret over it. Instead we should compare the child’s progress with his like whether he scored or performed better than last time. These grades won’t matter in the long run. Some kids are great with academics, some with sports, some with art and craft. 

We should encourage their talent and give them support instead.

 At the end of the day what matters more are them being a better person. More than grades what matters more are how well they use the knowledge gained in practical life. No point in running in the rank race. At the end of the day they are all numbers. 

By saying this I am not against participation, just that we should teach them to work hard and not worry much about the results.

Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Hands on mom

Being a mom is a tough job. Now all the moms would agree to this. But being hands on one is not everyone would be privileged with. I always believe spending quality time with the kid is more important than quantity. Lots of moms I have seen maintain this balance wonderfully.

I have always felt and believed that moms are instrumental in shaping a child. It’s very important for us to keep all the communication channels open for the kids to have a healthy relation. We all want our kids to do well, be the best but there are times when they don’t raise up to our levels of expectations that are when we need to understand that not all kids are same. We should keep motivating them and gracefully accept that they have done their best.

But there are moms who have to work as well as manage kids. For them it’s always a challenge and a war between mind and heart. They always feel we have not done justice to the mother’s part by not being able to devote more time to the kids. For them, a word quality is more important than quantity. Always remember that. Working is a choice you have made so make sure you accept it yourself, trust me when we accept things they become  guilt free.Plus, we all know each child is different and maybe you have kids who are happy and satisfied with the amount of time you spend with them.

Make sure you are updated with the interest’s activities of the kids on a more daily basis. This, I say because mostly it happens that by the time parents come home kids are sleepy or put to sleep. But we can always call and talk and hear about their time in school/class. Listen to their stories. When with them,just leave the phone. Give them complete attention.

As a mother I always believe that there’s always so much to learn be it a home maker or working. We all have to keep up with the pace of changes happening around us, thanks to the exposure kids get these days. On the plus side, we always have help from technology, like virtually being in touch with other moms, forums on net would help us learn lots of things.

Monday, September 14, 2015

New stories

So many authors these days are attempting new genres. Our very old Mahabharata, Ramayana etc are rewritten with so much new insights or from a characters point of view. I really wonder how much patience, research and ground work would go in knowing about them plus use of creativity.
I really envy the authors who are able to pull off such creativity. Like these are the books read and re read by all. 

Attempting a new version of the classics are benchmark books are always tough. But many are interested in knowing more about Duryodhana being only evil or has a good side to him? We all till now, have only known Kauravas as the evil people, but now when I get to read more about Karna or Duryodhana I feel we all have judged them only for what we have read in Mahabharata. Yes, what they did to Draupadi was evil but there is another side to the story probably we all never knew about also.

Like we all know how much Sita sacrificed or suffered in Ramayana in their exile period. But we all never noticed the sacrifices made by Lakshmana and his wife.  How Urvashi must have felt when her husband chose to accompany his brother and not be with her??  Thanks to all the new authors that we all also get to see the other point of view stories.

Sunday, September 13, 2015

A beauty written by unknown

I found this beautiful so am sharing 

My Child

My child isn't my easel to paint,

Nor my diamond to polish!

My child isn't my trophy to flaunt,

Nor my dummy to taunt!

My child isn't my badge or my honour,

Nor my respect that he/she must protect!

My child isn't an idea or a fantasy,

Nor my reflection or legacy!

My child isn't my puppet or my project,

Nor my pawn or my cadet!

My child is here to fumble & stumble

To get in & out of trouble!

My child is here to try,

To fall & to cry!

My child is here to unravel the mysteries,

To educate oneself & rewrite histories!

My child is here to make his/her own choices,

To exercise his/her freewill & experience the consequences!

As a Parent,
My task is to make my child able & capable,

To keep aside my ego & be by his/her side!

My task is to guide & educate,

To let be & not frustrate!
My task is allow him/her to ponder,

And see my child grow into a Wonder!

Send this poem to all parents whom you think are wonderful ....I just did

Hope i too am able to follow this..Thank you poet for writing such a wonderful one 

Saturday, September 12, 2015


It’s a strange life we lead.  It makes us say goodbye to those without whom we thought at a time we can’t live. It makes you work at places you never imagined. It throws you in situation that you never thought you would face, leave alone survive. It brings you to face things you fear the most at some point of time. Punishes the good, favors the bad, it throws us completely off gear sometimes. It brings us to the edge of madness at times and when we completely give up, brings us out of the situations miraculously.

But still, at the end of the day it makes you say, “It’s okay”. And we still have hopes, dreams and aspirations that tomorrow would be a better day.

Thursday, September 10, 2015

Move on

We all face difficult times in life. Sometimes we move on fast and sometimes we realize that even after ages, we are still waiting for the person to return or situation to change.

Why, in a relation one person moves on and never wants to look back? Why it is always that one person always waits looking at the closed door? I always feel communication is the most important factor that keeps any relation ticking and talking helps. All it needs is a heart to heart communication and there’s nothing that cannot be worked on.

I have lost a lot of friends who have just left without talking about what went wrong and just moved on. I don’t know whether they could do that so easily but I for one have never been able to forget them. I still hope that someday we would again reconnect. We all have people in our lives whom we miss, try to forget but there’s never a moment that we have been able to throw them away from our thoughts.

Funny, that we are no more in touch with them, moved on etc but still somewhere they take a part of you with them. But in the same breath I would also wish to and move ahead positively,leaving behind the sad parts and look forward to new challenges and friends.