A-Z Challenge the theme

Whoa, this is the first time I am taking up this challenge. Ok don’t know much about how I would go about it, but yes, a determination and inner voice saying I should at least try. Participation in such great event is itself an honor. If not anything, I would at least learn heaps from fellow bloggers.
Oops, sorry in excitement and nervousness I forgot what I tend to say. This year participating in the A –Z challenge. Thanks to titli, I came to know about this. The theme I wish to write about is my take on little things in Life. 
Life is a journey that we wish to go the way we plan. Things go awry, people come and move out, friends we make and keep, disagreements, adventure, smile, and tears. I hope to be able to keep up to the challenge. Hoping to keep the posts short and sweet and not blabber. ;) (Now that's a challenge)

Welcome to my space, hope you all have fun time reading them.


  1. Glad you decided to participate....I'm sure we'll do it together! Btw, I love the look of your blog.

    1. Thanks dear for the encouragement.. Thanks for all the nice words

    2. Thanks dear for the encouragement.. Thanks for all the nice words

  2. The link you provided on the AtoZ signup list does not work (it says page does not exist) - you might want to check with the AtoZ team how to fix that before the challenge begins ...

    1. hey thanks for the info..have checked and got it corrected its
      1268 is my blog number


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