Sunday, January 07, 2018

New Year Resolutions

I know its a tad late, but this time I had decided to practice the resolutions first and then write about them for a change, so that I continue doing them. They say it takes a week to form a habit, now testing that phrase 😉😉

Some resolutions are from the last year which I hope to continue . But this year have added a few more to the list to test my boundaries 😆😆. After all learning something new moto should be implemented sometime.

Here goes the List:

1. To be more regular with my both blogs. I somehow, stop working, when things don’t go my way, maybe I need to look more for positives. Have started working on this already.

2. Read more good books and apply the learning’s to life when chips are down. (This is easier said than done)  Started.

3. Stop over analyzing and brooding over and learn to be more focused. Working on this

4. Write more Book Reviews  Work in Progress .Shall start posting more reviews starting tomorrow

5. Learning new Shlokas and hoping I continue the practice everyday.

6. Exercise, work out,lose weight and eat healthy.

What are your resolutions??

Shall write about the past year 2017 soon.

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