Monday, November 19, 2012

A Post

After Ages, Maybe I have touched my blog. :)...Can say it’s plain laziness to think of what to think and write....there r so many activities going on around me, but I guess I was blank/preoccupied to notice them or even notice them(now what kept me busy so mush is another big question),leave alone pen my thoughts on them..

Nothing actually kept me so busy that I wasn’t here in my blog...just that I was being lazy to sit back and think....have learnt something’s in this "break"(if I may call it so), made some good friends, lost some due to silly reasons...I know and agree that the time frame is too less to make n break....but I also believe sometimes it’s just an act/incident that changes your point of view forever.........

Was busy with cooking and reading. The first one being a relatively new one. ;)..I have never been a avid learner there till some months back.But now that i have found one i waste no time in learning and experimenting...Sometimes they come out great, sometimes they flop..But i continue trying... for perfection...hopes someday I achieve that...

Have read some really nice books written by some well known authors...they continue to surprise me with their thoughts and point of they write so close to life and so beautifully still remains a mystery to me...Hats off to them for their patience and wonderful presentations...

I guess continuity also has a great role to play in their writings...their passion to write also deserves a salute...I wish I can also learn to keep going without being lazy. And taking such long breaks without any valid reason ;)

Take Care


PS: Special thanks to my brothers Raju and Ravi for asking me to u both..Thanks for the motivation..

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  1. Always happy to lend a hand to a fellow blogger Sis!!!

    Welcome back to blogging... I almost missed your post due to the lack of updates!!! with Ravi also joining the blog bandwagon, I hope we can come up with some good stuff between ourselves.

    P.S: 1 small note, can u change the colors on your blog?? Currently they are making reading difficult.


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