Childrens Day

As a child use to always love this day.14th November Chacha Nehru's Birthday, also known as Children's Day, a day when we all realize that in spite of what our age is there's always a child in us. Waiting to be loved, cherished, appreciated.

When we were in school, we used to have holiday on this day and that alone is not the reason i love this day. It is also on this day that we used to be most important person, treated like a queen/king by our parents (other than our birthdays, this used to be one more day when we used to escape beating/shouting from parents.)

I miss celebrating those wonderful days and am planning to celebrate this day with my son and reminisce the old days. I wish you all also a very Happy Children's Day. Hope u all enjoy the day with your child and make it special for them and you.

Never let the child in you grow up and enjoy.


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